Buddhist Monks Says Ram Janmabhoomi Is A Buddhist Site, Wants To Stop The Construction Of Temple

Buddhist Monks

On Tuesday morning, several Buddhist monks sat on a fast unto death in Ayodhya claiming that Ram Janmabhoomi area is in fact a Buddhist site. They also demand that the land should be handed over to the UNESCO for excavation.

According to the Buddhist monks, several ancient artifacts were recovered during the leveling of the land of the Ram Janmabhoomi which proves that the land was in fact a Buddhist site. They have demands to make the recovered relics public. They also said that the construction of Ram temple should be stopped immediately and urged UNESCO to take over the excavation work at the site.


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As per the Buddhists, Ayodhya is considered as Saket that was the center of Buddhism in ancient times. The members of the Saket Mukti Aandolan and the Akhil Bharatiya Azad Baudh Dhamma Sena have staged a dharna at the office of the Ayodhya district magistrate. They claim to have been fighting to save the signs of Buddhism.

Nepal PM Says Lord Rama Is Not Indian

Amid the dispute with India, Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has come out and said that the real Ayodhya lies in Nepal and not in India. He further went onto say that Lord Ram is Nepali and not Indian.

There have been rising conflicts with Nepal and India in recent months, especially in the tenure of Prime Minister Oli. Prime Minister Olu has been at it with India and has taken several decisions that have not gone down well with India. All the decisions he has taken under the garb of the claim to protect national and territorial integrity.


Speaking at a cultural program in his residence, Oli said,

“We still believe we gave Sita to Prince Ram but we gave the prince too, from Ayodhya, not India. Ayodhya is a village a little west of Birgunj (a district in Nepal). We have been oppressed a bit, culturally. Facts have encroached.”

Earlier, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had accused the Indian government of wanting to topple his government after he passed the new map bill. He also alleged that the number of coronavirus cases in his country is due to the people coming in from India.


Source: The Times of India