14 Brutal Assassinations That India Has Witnessed From Personal To Political Reasons


History has been a witness of some of the heart-wrenching assassinations of some sought after figures well known by one and all. Whatever might be the motive of the assassination, it always makes us wonder about the extent to which a human mind can go to fulfill its motive. Let’s look at some of the most brutal assassinations that India has witnessed

MAHATMA GANDHI Assassinations

Our father of the nation and one of the most important faces of Indian national movement was assassinated while he was on his way to a prayer meeting. Nathu Ram Godse, a Hindu nationalist, who considered Gandhi responsible for the partition, assassinated him. The first attempt was made on 20th January 1948 by throwing a grenade which was a failed attempt. On 30th January 1948, Bapu was shot dead. Having said that, there are theories which interpret Gandhi’s assassination in a different way.

Source: SathyaVijayi


Circumstances made a girl coming from a very poor family and troubled childhood join the gang of bandits. Phoolan, known as bandit queen, later also became the Member of Parliament. Phoolan Devi was shot dead on 25th July 2001 by three gunmen who were masked. She was brutally hit 9 times. Sher Singh Rana, who was the prime suspect, claimed that it was the revenge they took because of the lives were taken by her during the behmai massacre.

Source: The Indian Express


Over a family dispute, a very popular leader of BJP Pramod Mahajan was shot at by his brother Pravin Mahajan. He struggled for 13 days in the hospital before breathing his last on 3rd May 2006. The court sentenced Pravin Mahajan to lifetime imprisonment.

Source: Live India


The seventh prime minister of India, son of Indira Gandhi was assassinated on 21st May 1991 by then Mozhi Raja Ratnam, a suicide bomber. She was a member of a terrorist or militant group of Sri Lanka, called LTTE, i.e, ‘liberation tigers of tamileelam’. The attack was the revenge against the Indian keeping force that was sent to fight the LTTE militants.

Source: The Indian Tribune


A famous Kashmiri separatist leader was assassinated on May 21, 2002. He was attending the memorial death ceremony for a Kashmiri leader Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq that time. Two masked men among a youth group shouting pro Pakistan slogans fired at lone.

Source: Scroll


Lalit Maken, 35yr old member of parliament and a young leader of the Indian national congress was assassinated outside his house. Three heavily gunned men who came on a two-wheeler fired at Maken. After the firing, Maken tried to reach his house where his wife Geetanjali and a visitor Balkishan were also gunned down. Maken was supposedly involved in the killings during anti-Sikh riots because of which he was targeted.

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The first woman prime minister who served for four consecutive terms was assassinated by her own bodyguards on 31st October 1984. The operation blue star, a military operation which had caused several casualties in Amritsar among Sikh pilgrims became the reason for revenge.

Source: The Indian Express


On 31st August 1995, the chief minister of Punjab from 1992-1995, Beant Singh, was killed in a car bombing in Chandigarh. Later the accused Jagtar Singh Tara confessed that he arranged for the car and set up the entire thing. He also confessed to having no regrets. He accused Singh of violation of human rights during his leadership.


INC leader from Chhattisgarh played an important role in Salwajudum movement against Naxalites. He was killed in a Naxalite attack along with seven other party leaders on 25th May 2013. Naxalites took the complete responsibility of the attack by issuing a statement.

Source: Live Mint


While he was making arrangements for the meeting later in the day, around 150 men came to the venue and started throwing stones at the people. Three men brutally attacked Tamang with a small Gorkha sword called ‘khukri’. Tamang was a Gorkha leader and the president of ABGL (AKHIL BHARTIYA GORKHA LEAGUE).


Known as the architect of post-independence Punjab, the then chief minister of Punjab was killed when he was on his way back to Amritsar from Delhi on 6th January 1965. His family members claimed that it was a murder for political interests.

Source: Hindustan Times


The minister of railways from 1973- 1975 was killed in a bomb blast in the atsamastipur railway station on 2nd January 1975. The trial for his murder went on for 39 years and in 2014, four men were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. But in the more recent trial, those men were acquitted by the high court as the evidence provided were not convincing.

Source: Zee News


He was the leader of a breakaway group of CPIM, who became a name of national prominence after his death. While he was riding his motorcycle, he was attacked by 4 assailants in a car. After he fell down, he was brutally hacked on his face with sharp weapons. His body was found in a pool of blood and he had 51 antemortem injuries.

Source: Red Salute TP


The famous film Raktcharitra, directed by Ram Gopal Verma is based on Ravindra’s life. He was a member of the legislative assembly and cabinet minister in Andhra Pradesh. A bomb was exploded near the Telegudesam party office and Ravindra was shot dead by his political rivals on 24th January 2005. Seven rounds were fired at him from a close range.

Source: Telugu One

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