Brought Up In Bengaluru, This ‘Reels Star’ Has Now Become Internet’s Favorite

Ever since lockdown doomed society, the desire for entertainment has grown. Especially during this phase, content creators upped their game and arose in demand.

One such creator is Chennai-born Niharika NM, who grew up in Namma Bengaluru. At the moment, she has close to 1.2 million followers on Instagram, and her subscriber base on YouTube is also steadily rising. Here is more about this talented 23-year-old and her journey so far.


A Chennai-born Bengaluru talent

Born in Chennai, Niharika NM grew up in Bengaluru. She has now shifted to Los Angeles, where the creator is pursuing her MBA. One of the main reasons, why she has become a hit is because the MBA-aspirant accurately brings up her surroundings in her content. Be it the South Indian references or about the kind of life in LA, Niharika is always hilarious and relatable with her content.

Journey from YouTube to Reels

Niharika NM revealed that she was introduced to YouTube when she was in her tenth standard. However, it was only three years later that she actually started putting out videos. A few of her clips soon became viral, and the frequency increased. Then, the pressure to handle academics took a toll on the girl. She had to reduce her speed, and it is only after she shifted to LA that things started picking up again. Earlier it was only YouTube that she was focusing on. After the introduction of Instagram Reels, her direction has changed. It is also because of her content on Reels that she has grown up to become the start that she is now.

Upping the game now

Niharika is stepping up her game in content-creation. She has set sight on the longer format and is working on a few ideas. The talented artist has already collaborated with Netflix with the show Behensplaining, and it is said that there are a few more in the pipeline.


She is a terrific entertainer, and her profile needs to be given a visit for some good time. Here is the link to her profile: