Breaking: At Least 6 Dead And 17 Injured In Tamil Nadu’s NLC Power Plant Explosion

In a piece of tragic news coming from the state of Tamil Nadu, at least 6 people have died and 17 people have been injured in an explosion at a boiler in the Neyveli Lignite Corporation power plant in Cuddalore.

As per the sources, the explosion happened at the power plant which is owned by the central government-controlled NLC India Limited. The plant is situated 180 kilometers away from Chennai. Incidentally, this is the second explosion reported in the power plant in less than two months.


While the injured were rushed to the nearest hospital, the officials at the powerplant have said that they will launch an investigation to inquire about the incident as the boiler was not in the operation.

Tamil Nadu explosion
Courtesy: Scroll

In the month of May, eight workers from the power plant suffered burn injuries after a similar incident. Those injured included both regular and contracted employees. The company currently employs 27,000 which comprises 15,000 contractual workers. Usually, the company generates 3,940 megawatts of power. The explosion at the plant amounts to 1,470 megawatts.

Similar Incidents Since Lockdown

The incident comes after the government is looking to ease the lockdown measures that were imposed in the month of March due to the novel coronavirus. The virus has infected over 6 lakh people in the country since the pandemic broke out.


In the lockdown, several industrial accidents have been reported across the country that has resulted in the deaths of many. Two days ago, two people were killed and four were injured and hospitalized after a gas leak was reported in the Vishakapatnam unit of Sainor life sciences.

In the month of May, 11 people were killed including two children, and 1,000 others were hospitalized after a gas leak happened at the LG polymers plant in Vizag. The incident was immediately compared to the situation that happened in the 1984 Bhopal Gas leak which is regarded as one of the worst industrial disasters in the history of the country. The Gas leak happened at a pesticide plant-killing over 3,500 people in the city. Post this, the government had issued elaborate guidelines to ensure safety at all industrial units.


Source: The Times of India