Rahul Dravid Is Trying To Break His ‘Good Boy’ Image: Here Are The Fun Moments Of His Breakfast Interview

breakfast with champions rahul dravid

Rahul Dravid played his last game for the country in 2012 and thereafter made a name for himself as an excellent coach by ensuring that the under-19 Indian team reaches the finals of the world cup. Once the anchor of the Indian batting lineup, Dravid is equally famous by his nickname, The Wall. But the Karnataka’s classic batsman is not really fond of this name which was given to him by the media for his solid defense and stance.    

The Wall Was Created By Some Editor To Make Headlines 

Rahul Dravid’s interview was long-awaited by his fans on the “Breakfast with Champions” show of Gaurav Kapoor. And when he did appear, the entire video was just much more than what cricket-lovers expected. However, one signature thing that is always assigned to Dravid remained constant and that is his humbleness. 


At one point of time during the interview, when his nickname The Wall was being discussed, Rahul said, “I don’t know where a wall came to be from?” He said that the nickname was born in the mind of some editor or reporter when he was looking for making a future headline. Dravid thinks that they may have thought, “Let’s call him ‘The Wall’ now because we have a future headline.” The star batsman further added jokingly, “When I don’t do well, it will be like ‘cracks in the wall’, ‘another brick in the wall crumbles’. 

The former Karnataka player said that it did happen when he was going through a rough patch or did not do well in some matches. Even though the nickname has been coined in appreciation for his ability to defend for long hours against aggressive bowling attack, Dravid rather prefers people calling him Rahul instead of shouting Wall, Wall at him.  

Sweet & Whacky Moments Of Interview 

  1. When the host said that everyone considers Dravid a good guy, the batsman jokingly said he would rather break it.
  2. Talking about Harbhajan’s comment on Dravid being the worst dressed in the Indian team, Dravid said that Bhajji should have called him at least second worst dressed of all. It is because Dravid considers his Karnataka teammate Javagal Srinath should lead this list.
  3. While discussing the Kolkatta test match in 2001 where both Dravid and Laxman batted exceptionally well against Australia helping India won the match, the ever-so-humble batsman gives the credit to Harbhajan Singh. According to Dravid, “We needed Harbhajan to win us the match single-handedly. You need 20 wickets to win a match otherwise it is a draw.” 
  4. Even though Dravid went on to play 164 matches for India, initially he wanted to play only one match.
  5. For Rahul one of the biggest achievements was to get to know his idol. He says, “One of the great thrills of being a cricketer is that I got to meet my idols. Sunil Gavaskar did not know me when I was a child but now he knows me and says hello when he sees me.”
  6. He believes that being from a modest background really worked in his favor.
  7. Talking about Ganguly Dravid says “Dada” was very talented but never took fitness thing very seriously.