She Took 11 Bullets And Martyred Fighting Terrorists. Here’s The Brave Story Of Kamlesh Kumari Yadav

We as citizens of India enjoy life and sleep well because our soldiers are doing their duty with complete dedication. Kamlesh Kumari Yadav’s sacrifice is an illustrious example of how our jawans save our country even at the cost of laying down their lives. Something unexpected and shocking happened on 13th December 2001. On this day, an ambassador car carrying five terrorists armed with assault rifles entered the Parliament house.

What Happened On 13th December 2001?

Kamlesh Kumari, a CRPF constable was stationed at the Iron gate number 1 of the Parliament House on 13 December 2001. Her duty was to help the staff keep a watch and check the visitors. It is the same gate from where Member of Parliament, Union Ministers and VVIP’s enter the Parliament House. it was just 40 minutes after the session was adjourned and political biggies like Jaswant Singh and L.K Advani were inside the building.


At that juncture, a white ambassador car entered the gate. The car had a red batti and carried the tag “Parliament” and “Home Ministry.” Usually, in such a situation the guards consider that the vehicle belongs to a VVIP. They do not feel anything suspicious. But Kamlesh Kumari on that day found something fishy about the car.

Surprisingly, instead of slowing down after entering the premises, the car started gaining speed. It further increased the suspicion of Kamlesh Kumari Yadav.  Kamlesh Kumari was a part of the first Ladies Battalions of the Para-Military force of CRPF. Unfortunately, even then, she was not given any weapon at that time. She only carried a walkie-talkie.   

kamlesh kumari yadav

Quick Action By Kamlesh Kumari

Despite not having any weapon, Kamlesh Kumari did not stop. She started following the ambassador car. She did not stop even when she saw the five armed men with heavy weapons heading towards the building. Also, the moment she noticed the terrorists she raised an alarm. Kamlesh Kumari alerted the CRPF officials on the walkie-talkie and started shouting.


kamlesh kumari yadav

Without even thinking about her safety, the Braveheart took the first step. She ran towards Sukhwinder Singh, a constable posted on Gage no.11. Even though the alarm alerted the CRPF jawans, the same alarm alerted the terrorists who fired at Kamlesh Kumari. 11 bullets entered the body of the lady constable. Since she did not carry any weapon, she had no way to protect herself. But her sacrifice did not go in vain because the CRPF officials become vigilant after the alarm.

One of the jawan, Santosh Kumar killed three fo the five terrorists and saved the country from a huge national calamity. The sacrifice of Kamlesh Kumari Yadav did not go unnoticed. Her courage and quick actions were appreciated by the government. She was posthumously awarded India’s highest peacetime award, Ashoka Chakra by the President of India. The brave CRPF constable is survived by husband Avdhesh Yadav and two daughters.

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