Bounce Is Back: 10 Reasons Why It Is The Safest Commute Option in Bengaluru

Bounce, India’s premier keyless and dockless scooter sharing service in India, is gearing for a comeback on the roads. The lockdown was an off-period for both the service and its users, and now that normalcy is slowly returning back to the streets, Bounce is all set to offer one of the safest commute options to the citizens.

Although we are yet to get rid of the Coronavirus completely, the Government, after taking suitable steps, has allowed the citizens to step outside and restart their work. The entire country has been divided into three zones ie. Red, Green & Orange while a few sensitive areas have been tagged as ‘Containment’ Zones.


People inevitably will be paranoid about safety at almost every step in the next few months. However, mobility is unavoidable, and here is where Bounce comes into the picture. In this article, we speak on 10 Reasons why Bounce will be the safest commute option in Bengaluru and why it would top the list of commute choices when you decide to step outside.

Public Transport  Poses A Big Question Mark

In Bengaluru, Public Transport is yet to resume functioning, and when it restarts too, the risk is still present. Social distancing is the new normal and it is hard to maintain this when we travel using public transport.  We might get exposed to clustered gatherings, a sure deterrent to the norms. In this scenario, with the least human interaction, Bounce offers a perfect solution for commuting within the city.

Bounce’s Safety-First Approach

Bounce has committed itself to the Safety-First Approach, an initiative that will ensure complete safety to the users. The company has invested its efforts in developing means wherein a user is secure while using the scooter. While thorough sanitization of the vehicles is guaranteed, Bounce has also employed scientific means to reduce the risk of transmission for up to 3 months.


Self-Driven Scooters

As you all know, Bounce Scooters are self-driven, meaning which ‘Driver interaction’ is avoided and social distancing norms are protected.

Commute Option with Least Human Interaction

Bounce is one of the very few commute options that have the least human interaction. The Keyless & Dockless service is definitely an advantage during this time.

Frequent Sanitization of Scooters

Scooters will be sanitized thoroughly and effectively, a move that should encourage citizens to pick up a Bounce scooter.


Scooters treated with anti-microbial solution

Bounce Scooters are treated with a globally tested antimicrobial solution which reduces the risk of transmission for up to 3 months. Surface Contraction of the coronavirus is one of the major methods of transmission of COVID-19. However, when these surfaces are treated with an anti-microbial solution, the droplets of the virus which fall on the surfaces get killed instantly. Thereby, this risk is eliminated while using the Bounce scooters.

Bounce encourages users to bring their own helmets

Bounce encourages commuters to carry their own helmets, thereby ensuring the transmission of the virus is at bay. Also, the company requests users to wash their hands before taking a ride and also wear their masks and gloves.

Long-Term Bike Rentals

If you are someone who relies on public transport and now that this option is slightly risky in the coming days, you could go with the Long-Term Bike Rental Plans of Bounce, which you can use until you are comfortable with the public transport. A user can rent bikes up to 60 days (min of 7 days), with the rates ranging from Rs 899 to Rs 4499.


Doorstep delivery of the bikes can be availed and the company ensures that the bikes are disinfected and sanitized before delivery. With this option, Bounce provides the perfect solution to the private-ownership issues that will crop up after the lockdown.

Everything is under your control

Finally, with Bounce, almost every choice you make is under your control. Only with your own decision making shall you remain farthest from the virus and with Bounce, this is completely possible.

In line with the Government Regulations

Bounce operates in line with the Government Regulations on the bike ride-sharing front. Pillion Riding has not been permitted by the Government as yet and Bounce ensures that the one-person per scooter rule is followed.

So if you want to commute stress-free, with all safety and social distancing norms in places at an affordable price; Choose Bounce! The safe way to move.