“Bollywood needs Yash more than Yash needs Bollywood”, Yash’s Response to Sardesai’s Question is GOLD

yash india today conclave

India Today Conclave Mumbai 2022 had Rocking Star Yash as one of its primary appeals. Yash was involved in a long talk with Rajdeep Sardesai. Topics particularly varied around the field of cinema as Yash also spoke about his journey, and inspirations and even gave a clue about his impending projects. Bollywood is going through a lull at the moment and a few successes in Hindi are emanating from the South industries. Rajdeep Sardesai had a few questions and Yash had an interesting response to them.

“Bollywood needs Yash more than Yash needs Bollywood”

Rajdeep Sardesai made a strong comment that the Hindi Film Industry needs Yash more than the actor needs the industry. However, Yash was rapid to dilute the mention. Firstly, he stated that he does not believe in the concept of Bollywood or Sandalwood and opined that all films made in India belong to the Indian Film Industry.


Regarding Bollywood’s bad form and his rise, Yash commented, “I am nobody. Being an actor, every Friday you have to prove yourself. If somebody does better work then definitely people will accept it across the country and tables will turn.”

Yash india today conclave

‘Yash’s Golden Take ‘

Yash also talked about the condition of the South Indian industries before the pan-India revolution. At that time, Yash mentioned that the actors from the south wanted to be treated similarly to an actor from other industries.

Now that they are obtaining respect, Yash said that they cannot disrespect the Bollywood stars because they are not doing well now. The KGF actor conceded that the eventual decision lies with the audience. He told that the audience hardly cares about the origin of the content and they will consume it based only on its merit.


On the work front, Yash revealed that he is yet to make a decision about his next. He also gave an update that KGF Chapter 3 is not happening soon.