Bollywood Needs Actors Like Rishab Shetty, But Here’s Why The Latter ‘Doesn’t Think So’

Rishab Shetty is currently basking in the success of his most recent release Kantara. In an interview, he said that he doesn’t need Bollywood to have growth in his career.

Bollywood Needs Rishab Shetty

Rishab Shetty is currently basking in the success of his most recent release Kantara. The film directed and written by Rishab himself obtained positive reviews from critics and moviegoers. During an interaction with Mashable India, the actor-director shared his indifference to making Bollywood films while openly speaking about the offers he has been receiving post his stint in Kantara.


“I have got calls from production houses and others for collaborations, but I want to make films in Kannada only,” he said.

From being a spot boy to starting a new restaurant and working in civil construction, the actor revealed that he has done several kinds of jobs prior to landing his big break in the film industry.

“I tried an MBA two times after B Com which I could not complete. I assisted in the movie Cyanide. I wasn’t even a clap boy. I just used to call the artistes,” he mentioned. Following this, Rishab remembered the time when he was chosen as the protagonist of seven films. However, none of them did well at the box office.


The actor said that the barrier of language is not the main problem anymore and people are now loving and supporting regional movies as well. He said, “Now the barriers of language are also slowly disappearing and the audience is loving these regionally rooted films. So I will continue making regional films.”

Here’s the video:

Kantara’s BO performance

Besides Rishab, Kantara also stars Sapthami Gowda, Achyuth Kumar, and Kishore Kumar G among others. The action-adventure drama film involves the culture of Kambla and Bhootha Kola. Shiva (Rishab) is a rebel who defends his village in a fight between humans and nature. A death sparks a conflict between the evil forces and the village.


The movie hit the silver screen on September 30 and reportedly, it gained over Rs 70 crore mark (Hindi) during the fourth week of the film. According to the reports, the film has grossed Rs 360 crore worldwide. Lately, Kantara is in the second position for being the highest-grossing film in Karnataka. It is soon anticipated to surpass KGF:2 and hold the number one position. Reportedly, the flick has earned Rs 173 crore from Karnataka alone.