Bollywood Insider Drops Shocking Secrets About Drug Consumption In B-Town

NCB is in full-flow as the drug-conspiracy linked to Sushant Singh Rajput’s case is now widening. Amidst this, in an interview with Republic TV, a Bollywood Insider spilled some shocking secrets about drug consumption in B-Town.

‘Bollywood deep in drugs’

The insider, who claims that she regularly attends parties hosted by A-listers, said that big heroes and producers in the industry regularly involve themselves in drugs. She added that during movie shootings and success parties, many actors & producers procure and consume huge quantities of drugs, ranging from MDM, cocaine, LSD, CBD Oil, weed, tablets, and other narcotic substances that are injected. 


She revealed that some individuals who have been in the industry since the nineties engage in the sale of drugs at their own residences. The insider also talked about a big director who often gives his villa for these parties. Ambulances are used to transport the drugs, and she confirmed that a few politicians also join the parties.

The insider talks about Sushant too

She makes a shocking revelation by saying that Sushant was famous for his work but was outcasted by the Bollywood biggies because he did not consume drugs. She divulged that when one of her friends accompanied Sushant to Goa, the actor refused drugs.

Later, in a more repulsive fact, the insider claimed that a big Bollywood heroine recently visited Goa to detox her body. She said: “I was at the party in Goa, a few days ago. I came to know that she has also arrived there and she was taken to a hotel for quarantine. A close friend of mine later revealed that the actress was actually undergoing ‘body detox’ at the hotel.