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‘Bollywood Fails in OTT too’; South films and Korean content were preferred more by viewers

Netflix India’s Monika Shergill has shared some interesting details about what worked for the streamer in 2022 which saw the release of Darlings, She 2, Kantara, and Delhi Crime 2 among others.

Contents that the audience preferred 

The rage of K-dramas has grown rapidly in the past few years, and this is why all streaming platforms are going for more Korean drama content.


“Korean content is being watched so heavily in India,” says Netflix India’s Vice President, Monika Shergill, as she looks back on the “terrific 2022″ the streamer had, where it saw the release of K-dramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Business Proposal, and Thirty-Nine.

Apart from Korean content, South films are gradually becoming the first choice of OTT viewers across the country. “In fact, I can safely tell you that for a lot of the South films, there is a lot of viewing that is beginning to happen in Hindi across the titles,” Monika told News 18.

Kantara on Netflix 

She exclusively reveals that Kantara Hindi, which dropped on Netflix India on December 9, 2022, is still trending on the global Top 10 for non-English films and has been watched for more than 4 million hours within two weeks of its release. Notably, it featured in the top spot in the first week of its release.


Monika says the one thing which the team of Netflix takes very thoughtfully as a service is to make content travel from anywhere to everywhere.

“That’s the only important thing for Netflix because that’s how we believe that we are taking stories across cultures and countries and getting credit for creators. Just like Korean content becoming popular across the world, Indian stories must also be watched very heavily in India and go across the world.”

Khakee: The Bihar Chapter, Delhi Crime 2, Bollywood Wives 2, Mismatched 2, Jamtara 2, and Darlings, O My Darling, Netflix India has set a new benchmark for creating original Hindi content with some of the most amazing viewing experiences in 2022.


“So I guess looking across, it’s been a defining year for us in terms of growth momentum, I would say we have actually turbocharged a lot of the growth and just overall from touching new audiences point of view and even the kind of license cinema that we brought onto the service,” Monika concludes.