‘Bollywood Celebrities Who Endorse Fairness Products Are Supporting Black Lives Matter’: Kangana Ranaut


Kangana Ranaut has yet again lashed out at a few Bollywood Celebrities for their hypocrisy on the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. She said that these celebrities themselves appear in advertisements endorsing fairness products.

The second time that Kangana has slammed Bollywood

In one of the earlier interviews, she slammed the celebrities saying that Indian injustices don’t matter to them. She said: “Well, I think it has become fancy to somehow be part of this bandwagon, which is relevant to the west. But, if you see how Asian celebrities and actors work, they are very impactful in this part of the country but I don’t know how they are participating in the social-political reform of America.


Kangana takes on Bollywood again

In an interview with BBC, she talked about the hypocrisy of Bollywood celebs in this matter. She said: “Every country has its own set of issues, we need to first deal with the evil within us, before going out to try and reform the world. We are failing to do that. They have been endorsing all kinds of fairness products and so [when] they shamelessly stand and say black lives matter, I mean, how dare they? why is no one asking them?

She added: “What about these million dollars deals that they have been doing with all kinds of fairness products and how come now suddenly black lives matter? Racism is deep-rooted and when you have commercialized such events and you have commercialized your dissent as an individual that is the lowest humanity can hit.

Source: Swarajya