Boarding an Air India flight? Here are the Dos and Don’ts You Should Keep in Mind


Over 50 days later, the airports have been opened up today across the country. Except for Kolkata and Andhra Pradesh, all other state governments have given their nod to the operation of domestic flights. While Andhra Pradesh is set to resume operations on the 26th of May, Kolkata that is recovering from the Cyclone will resume on the 28th.

On the eve of the flight resumption, the national carrier Air India released a set of instructions for the passengers to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey amidst the coronavirus pandemic.


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The Dos for an Air India Flight

  • All passengers are required to be checked in through the internet before arriving at the airport.
  • All the passengers arriving at the airport should wear masks.
  • The passengers are expected to enter the airport four hours prior to departure. The Baggage drop off counters will open three hours prior and close at 60 minutes prior to departure.
  • Installing the Arogya Setu app should be mandatory for all the passengers and only those with ‘green’ status will be allowed.
  • The passengers are required to handover self-health declaration forms to the customer service agent.
  • Maintaining social distancing, the passengers are required to enter the terminal building through dedicated Air India departure gates.
  • With the boarding pass, passengers are sent to temperature check gates.
  • One handbag weighing 7kgs and one check-in bag weighing below 23 kgs allowed in the economy class. 33 kgs permitted in Business class.
  • Claim tag not to be handed over for the baggage. Passenger can take a picture with their phone.
  • At the boarding gate, passengers are required to collect safety kit including three layered masks, face shields, and sanitizers.
  • If any passenger feels fatigued, uncomfortable, or has a cough, it should immediately be brought to the notice of the crew.
  • On arrival, passengers are required to adhere to health protocols.

The Don’ts for an Air India Flight

  • While waiting in the security hold area, passengers should not occupy the chairs that read ‘Not for use’.
  • Lounges, play area, prayer rooms will have restricted access.

Here are some of the tweets on the domestic flights resuming operations.