BMTC that ply to the Airport will have Infotainment screens on each seat


The Vayuvajra buses to/from Bengaluru airport will soon have TV sets inside the coach there by keeping the passengers entertained in their commute. In this new fancy service, BMTC says that commuters can listen to music, movie, songs, news, comedy clips, and entertainment programs while on the buses. In this context, the department has installed high-end embedded computers and two HD Television sets.

A BMTC official said,

“One 32-inche television set will be installed behind the driver and another 24-inche one will be fixed below the roof. We are getting sound systems enhanced with four high-end speakers to be fixed on the buses.”

This has come in reference to in house entertainment being offered by can aggregators in the city. BMTC thinks that there should be an in house infotainment in buses which will include weather and live flight timings.


V PonnuRaj, Managing Director, BMTC, said,

“BMTC has planned to introduce about 250 buses with infotainment systems and has decided to run 10 to 15 buses initially. It is an attempt to generate revenue for the corporation. We will introduce all 250 buses if the election code of conduct is not announced, else, the introduction may get delayed.”

Initially the infotainment system will be installed in about 40 buses and it is expected the remaining buses to hit the roads sooner.

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