BMTC Buses to get Pink Seats for Women to keep Men Away

BMTC Buses to get Pink Seats

On a usual note, a seating arrangement in a BMTC bus is divided in a way that a few of the front seats are dedicated to Women and the rest is left for men and the general public. However, it is reported that men occupy women’s seats causing a serious problem for Women who cannot go and sit with anonymous men on the bus. So, how to stop men from occupying women’s seats? Well, after many tricks and strict warnings, BMTC seems to have finally found a solution.

In order to solve this seating problem, the corporation has decided to paint the seats with pink. In this context, Transport Minister HM Revanna opines that this can give reservation to women and can stop Men from occupying the pink coated seats. So, very soon, we can see BMTC buses to get Pink Seats for Women to keep men away.


HM Revanna said as reported by Bangalore Mirror,

“ Women Passengers face embarrassment when men occupy their seats on BMTC buses. Such cases have also reported often. Hence, all seats for women on BMTC buses will be painted pink. All new buses will have such seats and seats on old buses will be painted when they go for repairs.”

[Credits – Bangalore Mirror]

He continued and said that if the pink seats are successful in keeping men away then the same will be introduced across the state on KSRTc, NWKRTC, and NEKRTC buses.

Note: Men can sit in the pink seats if no woman is standing.

BMTC Buses to get Pink Seats

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If you don’t know, the transport minister has also announced that a new ‘Indira Sarige’ transport system will be introduced in select parts of Bengaluru to ferry the transportation needs of students and women at a low fare. Regarding this, the minister said that a committee consisting of the transport department principal secretary, labor, and finance department secretaries, and managing directors of KSRTC, and BBMP has already been formed.


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