BJP Workers Provided Food To Over 11 Lakh People During The COVID-19 Crisis: Amit Shah

Amit Shah (3)
Courtesy: Twitter

While speaking at the virtual Odisha Jan Samvad Rally at the BJP Headquarters, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that BJP workers distributed a one-time meal to more than 11 crore people during the Coronavirus pandemic. Minister Dharmendra Pradhan was also present at the event.

Amit Shah speaks at the Virtual Rally

Amit Shah said: “Crore of BJP workers provided a one-time meal to more than 11 crore people. I want to thank BJP president JP Naddaji and all party workers. Seeing a party worker helping migrants in this crisis makes me proud. I wholeheartedly congratulate the party president, his team, and all the party workers for this.


He added: “We do Jan Samvad to understand people’s problems. We give our account of work to the people. Coronavirus is a challenge for humanity. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also advised for social distancing but it can never become a distance between the people and BJP.

The idea of virtual rallies

Talking more about virtual rallies, the Central Home Minister said: “Led by national President JP Nadda, we are now getting in touch with people via virtual rallies. I feel that this tradition started by Naddaji is going to show to the world that even in pandemic a party can establish Jan Samvaad through virtual rally with people.

He further said that when the pandemic happened, many migrant workers wanted to meet their relatives. Shah said that governments set up camps and made arrangements for the workers to stay there. He further said that all governments did a good job during the pandemic.


Source: Times of India