BJP Responsible For Coronavirus Crisis In Country: Senior Congress Leader Kamal Nath

kamal nath
source: ani

Senior Congress leader Kamal Nath has lashed out at the BJP Government, accusing PM Modi’s team of being irresponsible, which has turned the Coronavirus issue into a crisis in the country.

Kamal Nath also shows disappointment regarding MP Assembly fiasco

Kamal Nath said that the parliament was allowed to function during the Coronavirus issue only to bring down the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh.


Speaking to the media via video conferencing, Kamal Nath said:

It is obvious, Parliament was run only to ensure that Madhya Pradesh assembly could run and the Congress government be toppled. Nowhere in the world, this has happened.

He added that the people of Madhya Pradesh were fooled, as, amidst the crisis in the country, there was no Home Minister or Health Minister to take stock of the situation in the state.


source: ani

Cases will go high if the testing pace is not increased

Kamal Nath added that, if the BJP Government continues with the current pace of Coronavirus testing in the country, the number of cases is bound to go high. Even other Congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor had also expressed a similar opinion in the past.

The former Chief Minister of MP also gave his opinion on how BJP could resurrect the economy after all this ends.

He said that the economy will definitely face the brunt of COVID-19 and hence, BJP’s future economy packages must have to be focused to a great extent. He also opined that the success would rely on the correct execution and the highlighted sectors.