BJP Plans For Three Organisational Districts In Bengaluru

source: businessstandard

Bengaluru will be divided into three organizational districts for effective administration and micro-management. With the existing two districts in the city, Bharathiya Janatha Party is planning to expand it to three to synchronize with the three legislative seats coming under the supervision of Bengaluru city.

Third district in the city 

Karnataka going under mini elections for 15 seats in the assembly, the third district coming under existence will introduce more Assembly seats in Bengaluru. Therefore, another by-election would be held after clarity emerges on the election request.


Bengaluru City Traffic Police

Previously, the party organization had divided Bengaluru into two districts; Bengaluru city and urban. The sources confirm that the formation of three organizational districts and the appointment of office-bearers to them would be completed within a few weeks.

BJP’s plan to strengthen the party organization

The BJP had first established a stronghold on Bengaluru by getting 17 Assembly constituencies in the city. However, its score has decreased to 11. “The need to improve hold on Bengaluru has been the focus especially after the party had to sit in the Opposition despite winning 104 seats,” another party leader said.

“Our purpose is to strengthen the party organization in Bengaluru, which accounts for a big part of 28 Assembly constituencies. Putting up a good show in Bengaluru can shift the political balance in the State,” says a BJP leader from Bengaluru.


The city infrastructure

The BJP is currently ruling both state and civic body, the saffron party is wise to utilize the chance to strengthen its base in Bengaluru. The focus is also to improve the infrastructure in the city.

Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa, has all eyes on the 100 days’ development target, where he has promised to bring about noticeable changes in infrastructure development of the city. Completing Metro line projects, reducing BMTC bus fares and sub-urban rail projects have recently obtained consideration by the government over the last few weeks.

source: hindustantimes

“Handling issues related to a big city like Bengaluru is a test. Our plans for strengthening the party here will depend on how our government, as well as BBMP, would be able to deliver on the commitments,” said a senior BJP leader.