These Are The Classic Bisi Bele Bath Places in Bengaluru Which Are City’s Favorites

Bisi Bele bath is one of the most craved for South Indian cuisines. Some might simplify and call it ‘sambhar rice’, but there is a lot more that goes into that dish than just sambhar masala. And Bengaluru has some awesome food joints where you have phenomenal Bisi bele bath being served. Let’s explore some iconic eateries where you are offered Bisi bele bath at its best.

MTR, Basavanagudi

Mavalli Tiffin Room, a.k.a. MTR is one of the original Tiffin rooms of Bengaluru. A meal of Bisi bele bath washed down with filter coffee, leaves a happy smile on your face. The lentil rice served here is piping hot and simply flavourful. Every morsel of the deliciously served bath with a plateful of tenderly cooked vegetables will only leave you craving for more. And in case you want the MTR to feel to your every plate of the bele bath, then just buy one of their ready masalas and take it home.


bisi bele bath places in bangalore

Vasudev Adiga’s

Vasudev Adiga’s with 24 outlets in the city altogether serves the best Bisi bele bath you could have ever had. It is usually the iconic go-to place if you want to savor the authentic south Indian bele bath. The food is served hot and makes for a quick meal. But then again, you might not always find it on the menu, as they tend to run out of it fast because of the excessive demand as always!

bisi bele bath places in bangalore

Veena Stores, Malleshwaram

The idlis are the most popular, but the Bisi bele bath at Veena Stores is worth the trip as well. It is one of the oldest food joints in the city known for the brahmin genre of south Indian breakfasts. The bele bath served here, though is onion and garlicless is seemingly delightful with an unbeatable taste. As the store opens at 6:30 am, going early is recommendable as you can get the bisi bele bath right off the flame.

bisi bele bath places in bangalore

Maiya’s, Jayanagar

It is crowded most of the time, but, honestly, the Bisi bele bath here is worth the wait. You would have to wait in a queue even for just for a Cup of coffee. This immense crowd explains it all. A plate of Bisi bele bath that you could taste here I am sure will leave you with an amazingly flavourful experience like never before. The aroma of the masala and the tenderness of the finely cooked vegetables in the bath will only leave you craving for more.


Puliyogare Point, Basavanagudi

As the name suggests, Puliyogare Point is best known for its puliyogare. However, the Bisi bele bath here is equally outstanding. A smack of the Bisi bele bath here will always urge you to have a plate full of it every time you are here for the puliyogare. Bisi Bele bath here is seriously a satisfying, perfectly kicky plate of awesome cooked lentil rice. You can always follow up this spicy dish with some sweet Pongal.

bisi bele bath places in bangalore

Konark Vegetarian Restaurant, Residency Road

This ‘hot spot’ on Residency Road is popular for its dosas, coffee, and many south Indian dishes. And the best amongst them is the hot spicy Bisi Bele bath. Despite its size, there is usually a waiting period, so do not lose your patience. The bele bath served here is the most stipulated dish by all the customers at the restaurant. Every time you are at the Konark do not miss on having a mouthful of the bele bath which has a separate fan base indeed.

Nisarga Garden restaurant, Infantry Road 

Tucked in the old world charm of Bengaluru, this restaurant lives up to the perfect old world ambiance of Garden restaurants. Bisi Bele bath from this age-old restaurant is exceptional. It renders the authentic taste of a typical genuine south Indian bele bath which is piping hot and spicy with boondi spread all over. The menu is a bit on the up for pricing but the Quality is reasonable and the bele bath is a must try.


So the next time you think of wanting to have a plate of it at the classic Bisi bele bath points then undoubtedly these are the places you must be heading to. If we have missed any places then please let us know in the comments below.

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