Biggest Coincidence In Indian Cinema: Dr. Rajkumar And Puneeth’s Last Movie Have Identical Genre

Puneeth Rajkumar’s last movie James has a similar genre to that of his father Dr. Rajkumar’s last movie Shabdavedhi. Both the films portray the hero’s battle against narcotics.

Biggest coincident in Indian Cinema 

It could be the biggest coincidence in the Indian film industry that both father and son’s final movie consist of an identical story.


Shabdavedhi film marked the last acting experience of the celebrated actor Dr. Rajkumar. The movie is based on a novel written by Vijay Sasanur. Back then, the movie was a commercial success and completed a 25-week run at the theatres.

Sandeep, a police officer campaigning against narcotics, builds up an army of teenagers when his own police department refuses to support fighting crime.

The title refers to the Shabda-bhedi, which means the mastery in Indian archery that involves shooting at a target not by seeing it visibly, but by hearing it.


James’ fight against the drug mafia 

In a similar fashion, Dr. Rajkumar’s son Puneeth also marked the last acting experience with the movie James. The story revolves around a character named James aka Santosh Kumar who operates as a manager in a security agency. A humble person by nature, he suddenly enters into a dark world where he meets the power brokers and businessmen who were much more active in crime like drug dealing. James forms his army and fights against all the crimes.

Appu’s last movie ‘James’ has released in theatres worldwide on March 17 at the event of the late actor’s 47th birth anniversary. After his sudden demise due to a heart attack in October 2021, film lovers across the nation were shocked and shattered.

Directed by Chethan Kumar, the Kannada action thriller stars Priya Anand opposite the ‘Power Star’ in his last big-screen appearance. Fans are getting emotional after seeing ‘James’ and showering the film with their love on social media.


After the film was released, the whole theater was filled with a matching voice that screamed ‘Appu, Appu’. The actor’s mindblowing performance, massive action-set pieces, massy dialogues, engaging plot, and entertaining dance series are being appreciated by the audience.