Bigger Mafia in the Music Industry: Sonu Nigam Calls Out ‘Music Mafias’ Of Bollywood

sonu nigam music mafia

As the Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise has paved the way for conversation around abuse of power in the Industry of films, popular playback singer Sonu Nigam recently put out a video on social media where he draws people’s attention to Music mafia.

In the video, he is attempting to draw attention to people on social media towards the Music industry where people in power purposefully create roadblocks for upcoming and aspiring talents. He further pointed out that many upcoming artists lose out of opportunities because more often than not, it is the superstar who is calling the shots and not the composer. The star who is riding the project often recommends singers and composers with whom he/she shares a good equation with.


He elaborates that ever since he started working in the Hindi film industry since 1991, he himself has been called various times to dub for songs that have been previously recorded in someone else’s voice. He also said that because he started out early and became famous, he was able to meander through the music mafia. However, he felt bad for the upcoming artists who are talented and deserve a chance in the industry.

He also warned people that these practices should stop and if it is not stopped in time, there might be suicides in the music industry soon. The Sushant Singh Rajput has opened up so many unsaid power dynamics in the industry.

Here is how Twitter reacted to it.