Biden Moves Closer To White House, Trump Moves Closer To Court


US Election 2020 Results Live Updates

Joe Biden has won the crucial battleground state of Michigan and Wisconsin,reclaiming a key part of the “blue wall” that slipped away from Democrats four years ago and dramatically narrowing President Donald Trump’s pathway to reelection. So far, according to reports Biden has 264 electoral votes and Trump 214. The magic number of electoral votes is 270. If Biden were to win in Nevada, he would in theory have the necessary 270.

Trump sues in 3 states, laying ground for contesting outcome

US President Donald Trump’s campaign filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, laying the groundwork for contesting battleground states as he slipped behind Democrat Joe Biden in the hunt for the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House.


Paris agreement: Joe Biden pledges return

The United States left the Paris accord on Wednesday, becoming the first country to ever withdraw from an international climate change pact, but Joe Biden vowed he would immediately return as president. With election results pointing to a likely defeat for Donald Trump in Tuesday’s election, Biden took on the tone of a president-elect and made clear that climate was a top priority. “Today, the Trump Administration officially left the Paris Climate Agreement. And in exactly 77 days, a Biden Administration will rejoin it,” tweeted Biden.


Politicians do not decide who wins: Human Rights Watch

As the 2020 US presidential race inches close to a nail-biting finish, human rights organisation Human Rights Watch, in a statement, said the United States’ electoral process needs time to tabulate the vote in the November 3 general election and cautioned that news organisations and social media companies should be vigilant in preventing their platforms from being used to disseminate inaccurate election-related information, while respecting freedom of expression.

“Millions of US voters turned out to cast their ballots in recent weeks and during a day of largely trouble-free voting,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of the Human Rights Watch. “Politicians don’t decide who wins. Election officials are carrying out an impartial and transparent counting process so that the will of the people decides.”


Source: Live Mint