Bengaluru To Get 1000 Bicycle Parking Hubs With Space For E-Vehicles

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With cycling or e-vehicles coming up as an alternative to global warming and heavy toxic pollution; Bengaluru is eventually witnessing people, especially some eco-friendly IT professionals choosing cycling as a mode of transport. So with the increase in bicycles and e-vehicles today the government has taken up some apt bicycle parking arrangements in the city. So let’s get into the details of it.

Our Government- all eyes to cycle parking hubs!

Determined to give a push to cycling as a sustainable delivery choice, the state executive has decided to construct 1,000 bicycle parking hubs in Bengaluru city. The general council meeting of ‘Karnataka Non-Motorised Transport Agency’ was held last month. It was held under the chairmanship of the urban development department’s chief secretary Mahendra Jain. Where in, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) was asked to provide more cycle-parking slots in the city.


The department of urban land transport has said that the parking hubs will come up along Outer Ring Road, Jayanagar, and Malleshwaram. The council also has decided to expand the public bicycle sharing system and informed that phase-wise tenders would be floated for construction of parking hubs. The council additionally decided to provide space for parking e-vehicles, at the side of bicycles in the parking hubs. The Directorate of urban land transport’s (DULT) special officer declared that two vendors have submitted a proposal to use the bicycle-parking hubs for e-vehicles.

Space for e-vehicles too!

Jain proposed that a certain proportion of space in the cycle-parking hubs be used for e-vehicles. However, he made it transparent that the parking of bicycles must be prioritized. It is also decided that space allocation for e-vehicles in the parking hubs or offering separate parking slots for e-vehicles has to be analyzed in detail. 

Meanwhile, BBMP’s road infrastructure wing’s chief engineer S Somashekhar informed that. tenders have been floated for construction of 271 bicycle-parking hubs and the bidders have quoted Rs 8.4 crore to take up works. The council has also accorded the approval for the tender, subjected to certain conditions.


To all those bicycle lovers who have taken up cycling seriously and made it your regular transport means – appreciating and congratulating all of you. We hope this would help you get updated on the new parking facilitations to your bicycles or e-vehicles.