Bhinna Trailer Review: This is Going To Be A Perfect Edge Of A Seat Thriller And Yes, There’s A Storm Coming!


The trailer of ZEE5’s Kannada Original movie ‘Bhinna’ has been released today. Directed by Adarsh H Eshwarappa of ‘Shuddhi’ fame, this movie is the first-ever Kannada flick to be launched directly on an OTT Platform. ‘Bhinna’ is slated for an October 8th release and with huge expectations pinned on this movie, here is our first impression of the 2 minutes 19-second video.

A Horror Thriller

The trailer starts with the establishment shot of Bengaluru (Rajajinagar to be precise !) as we are then introduced to Kaveri, an aspiring actress played by Paayal Radhakrishna. Delving more into this character, Kaveri is shown going on a ride to a distant location, probably in preparation for a role that she has been offered. The conversation between the characters played by Shashank Purushotham and Siddhartha Maadhyamika adds an intriguing edge while the genre of the movie is also established later on. A few strange happenings inside a house and the introduction of Sowmya Jaganmurthy’s character concludes the trailer with a line – ‘There is a storm coming’ which could have a lot of relevance inside the movie.

bhinna kannada movie

‘Beautiful isn’t it? Ashte Nigoodavige idhe”

Well, this line from the trailer could be used to describe the trailer of the movie. Adarsh H Eshwarappa has cleverly brought out the trailer, not revealing much about the plot but also generating a lot of interest with the intelligently placed cuts. The talented director has left us with no option but to stream the movie on October 8th.

Andrew Aiello and Jesse Clinton impress again

The duo which worked for the movie ‘Shuddhi’ has been retained for this movie as well. Andrew Aiello’s outdoor shots are pleasing to the eye while his usage of lights adds a distinct tone to the happenings inside the house. While Jesse Clinton’s BGM is sure to haunt you, it is also soothing at the same time, something that is very difficult to achieve.

bhinna kannada movie

The ‘Adarsh Eshwarappa’ Mark!

Adarsh served us with a mind wrecking screenplay in his first movie. It seems as though, Adarsh is at it again with his upcoming movie. The timelines are not clear within the trailer and there is a thread of hallucination too. Overall, the trailer of ‘Bhinna’ impresses and deserves to own the distinction of being the first Kannada original movie ever on a streaming platform.

Watch the trailer here:



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