Head To Bhattara Bhojana in Bengaluru For A Traditional Plantanian Leaf Brahmin Style Food

bhattara bhojana

Eating healthy and homemade lunch or dinner is what everyone wishes for. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to prepare all your meals at home due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a Bengalurian. No matter how luxury the foods of a world-class hotel, restaurant or eatery seem, preparing your meals by yourself at home is always the best option if you want to live long and healthy. Precisely, we know that most people would love to cook at home but sometimes, the time isn’t just there.

More or less, we have chosen a restaurant named Bhattara Bhojan in Bengaluru that will have you eating healthy, homemade, and pocket-friendly meals served in banana leaves for lunch.

Bhattru means a Brahmin and Bhojana, as we all know means Food. This restaurant brings you with some of the authentic dishes that are basically cooked in a Brahmin family. Foodies all around Bengaluru who are looking to savor these type of traditional meals should visit Bhattara Bhojana once for most.

Bhattara Bhojan

The Special Meal

Starting off with the special meal, they will give you a banana leaf serving the side dishes such as Kosambari, a traditional South Indian salad which is made from fresh cucumber, yellow moong dal and grated coconut which is the best dish to start of before you go for other meals.

The traditional Tambuli

Alongside Kosambari you will be served with two types of Palya, basically a mixture of vegetable assorted with the South Indian Tadka. Then you will be served with Chapati and Sagu, a usual combination that is present in every meal. When you are done with all of it, you will be served with rice and Papad, where lentils like Rasam and Sambar will be served to you one after the other.

Bhattara Bhojan

The traditional Tambuli

They also have a very popular brahmin dish called Tambuli which is a healing, nourishing cold yogurt curry from Karnataka. It is a dish prepared by grinding a herb, vegetable or spice with coconut and a handful of spices. And this all ends with final buttermilk which is served you optionally with rice or you can drink it with a glass.

The traditional Tambuli

They also have varieties of Sweets option which you can pick and choose, such as Bele Holige, Kayi Holige, Jilebi, Jahangeer, Jamoon, Boondi Ladu, Mysore Pak, Todedevu, Hayagreeva, Kesari Bath, and finally a Payasam.

Bhattara Bhojan

All you need to know

Speaking about the ambiance, as you enter the place you will have a vibe of a typical South Indian Utad Mane (Lunch Room), where several large tables will be kept, where approximately 10 people, who are made to sit together in one row facing the other 10 sitting opposite to you.

The special Banana Leaf Meal served here is very cheap and affordable. It offers a variety of preparations on the menu from multiple cuisines and it doesn’t put a hole in your wallet. It is one of the most visited restaurants in the area which manages to attract office-goers, which helps increase the place’s appeal.

Bhattara Bhojan

Where: 855/A, 5th A Cross Road, 10th Cross Road Srinivasanagar (Towards Maruthi Circle)

Timings: 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM, 7:15 PM – 9:45 PM




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