10 Best Writing Apps for ios and Android One Should Consider

writing apps

Here is a mega list with writing apps for raffled writers, cool lidos and enthusiasts of experimentation and digital tools. EssayShark is one of them.

Best Writing Apps for iOS and Android

1. Creative writing prompts

  • It is used to write, write, and not stop writing.
  • It has a very peculiar way of encouraging you to do it.
  • You start with your words, or with half line already written that the application gives you, and keeps writing from it.
  • Once the job starts, if you get stuck with phrases or paragraphs, it has a small thunder symbol that will automatically give you an idea or an approach to stimulate you to continue creating.

2. Notability

When talking about the art of writing, we have left a bit of a side that writes on their phones and tablets in a different context. We refer to the students, who in recent times have changed the pen and paper for iPads. That’s why we bring you an update application in 2018 to take notes on iPad.

You can write by hand or with the keyboard, and your multitasking ability will allow you to save a lot of time. By far, one of the best writing apps available for iOS and Android.

3. Story planner

Story Planner has a very clear objective. So much so that even his name shouts: planning. You start by giving a title to your project and within it; it gives the topic, plot, genre, and additional notes of what you plan to write. A kind of “broad strokes”.
In summary, Story Planner is a fairly complete and effective application that if used with zeal, can help to form the skeleton, organs and muscles of any project.

4. Wordsmith

This application makes the paper of portable study of writing: it creates projects and in each project chooses the number of words that you would like to advance in each writing session.

The interface is very simple and lets you export and even publish. It offers the transfer to the notes of your iOS device, email, and even iBooks.

Writing Apps

5. Unblock

Use phrases and dynamic questions as cards of different themes, areas and colours, which you can share on social networks or use them to work your own texts.
They are pleasant exercises. Although the card packages of each theme vary and most have a price, we never know when we may need that extra push to combat the so-called writer’s block.

6. Challenges of creative writing (writing challenge)

The application gives you two minutes to write a paragraph with a hint, and once this time has passed, release another line of information so that you can interlace the paragraph created before with the next one.

7. Take the writer you’re carrying inside

The objective of this app is to make inspiration and creativity flow through theory, some writing exercises in which they propose phrases or ideas so that you can choose randomly and from them you build a story; it also has a section of writing notebook and another of “resources for writers”, where other applications are recommended.

8. Ideas for writing

This project, also by used by Literautas, is a “creative trigger”, with ideas for creating characters. It also helps you start a text from some initial phrases and titles. This application also has a notebook and workshop section, which offers you ideas to write even if you are not inspired.

9. SomNote

When we write notes we not only want a tool that is fast and efficient, but also allows us to store all our documents. In this sense, we recommend the SomNote application, which allows you to upload all the files in the cloud through a system of personalized folders so that you can use them wherever you need them

10. Literary contests

It makes you unemployment by connecting with the page writers.org, in the section of literary contests. Catalogued by genres or by countries, it gives you information about the contests and the prizes that each one grants.

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