Best Tire Training Exercises To Take Your Fitness Routine to the Next Level

Are you a fitness junkie and you love to challenge yourself in the gym? Are you bored with your regular free weight workout? Take your fitness routine to the next level with tire exercises. This power workout is sure to leave you feeling like the Man of Steel. This powerful workout is great for building strength, endurance and burn some serious number of calories, all at once. It is a total body workout with a number of variations to experiment with.

Tire training exercises is a growing trend and it is quite popular among the powerlifters, bodybuilders, athletes, and sportspersons. After the whole workout session, one can sense the enormous boost in power and strength in muscles. The great news is that both men and women can benefit from this workout. However, the weight of the tire may vary. While male beginners can opt for 300 to 500-pound tire and female beginners can start with 100 to 300-pound tire. With just one piece of equipment, you can get your heart racing and muscles pumped.


Benefits of Tire Training Exercises

  • Tire Training is an inexpensive workout routine. You can obtain them for cheap money from any junkyard.
  • This herculean routine is a whole-body workout.
  • This training program requires just one piece of equipment for a whole session.
  • It improves muscle conditioning ability of the body.
  • It enhances speed, flexibility, and strengthens the muscles
  • It is the one-of-kind power workout for legs.
  • It is an innovative way of working out that is not only restricted to lifting weights. Tire flips and sledgehammer are quite popular routines.
  • It facilitates bodybuilding like no other workout.

Best Tire Training Exercises to Practice for Ultimate Workout Routine

  • Tire Flips: This exercise is challenging and fun. It majorly helps in building and toning arms, shoulders, upper body, and chest muscles. This is one of the classic tire exercises and is practised by athletes and wrestlers most commonly.

Technique: The exercise may look simple, but it helps in achieving fitness goals really fast. The exercise is similar to hack squat and must be practised with proper technique in order to avoid any kind of injury.

Lay the tire flat on the ground and stand with feet and hands shoulder-width apart. Squat down and grab the tire with your finger underneath and pull the tire up as you pull your body up from the squatting position. Now, push the tire to flip forward. Repeat this exercise for a few laps.

  1. Triceps Dips: This exercise is great for triceps, arms and shoulder muscles and it is a lot similar to the usual triceps dips performed with the use of a bench or any other equipment.

Technique: If you have performed triceps dips before, then this workout may seem easy to perform. Place the tire flat on the ground and place your arm behind you on the tire. Make sure the arms are fully extended. Gradually lower the body by bending the elbows. It should be at a 90-degree angle. Stop before the lower body touches the ground. Come back to the starting position and repeat the moves for 15 times for 3 sets each.


  1. Decline Push-ups: Take your regular push-ups to the next level with tire-training. It is an incredible exercise to work on core and pectoral muscles.

Technique: This is an advanced level exercise that must be performed only after acing the classic move. Begin on the floor, facing away from the tire. Place your palms firmly on the floor and legs fully extended with feet on the tire behind you. Bring yourself in a plank position to go in for push-up by bending both arms at 90-degree angles. Gradually, push your body up until the arms are fully extended.

  1. Jump Squats: Make regular squats more intense and challenging by performing jump squats with a tire. This exercise is perfect for training glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core and burns more calories.

Technique: With the tire lying flat on the ground, stand in the hole in the centre of the tire. Bend your knees slightly and prepare to hop upward to land on the tire in a squat position. Then, return to the centre of the tire. This tire training is great for lower body and can give amazing results.

  1. Tire Box Jumps: Anyone who is beginning to workout using tires, can start with this exercise. It is a great cardiovascular workout that improves strength and allows you to burn a good number of calories. The exercise helps in improving balance and speed and enhances stamina.

Technique: Place the tire on the ground and stand straight in front of it. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and bend down for a squat position and then explode into a jump and land on the edge of the tire. Jump back to the ground and repeat jumping back and forth for at least 100 repetitions.


  1. Sledgehammer: Bring out the God of Thunder, Thor in you and practice this fun workout activity. This tire training exercise helps in developing power and build overall strength. Alongside, it strengthens forearms and grip. Also, it improves the endurance of muscles and improves multiple joint movements.

Technique: Take a heavy hammer and lay the tire flat on the ground. Stand in front of the tire, take lunge pose and then explode into hitting the tire, repeatedly.

These are some basic yet excellent tire training exercises that can be performed by even a beginner. Besides these exercises, you can incorporate Tire deadlift, step ups, lateral jumps, and tire flip to sprint in your tire training routine to make it more effective and rigorous. However, make sure that these workouts are performed under the supervision of an expert. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated as this workout is surely going to make your break a sweat.