7 Best Times to Drink Water. If you are taking a Continuous Sip Then Be Cautious

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It is publicized everywhere that you should continuously sip water so as to keep the body hydrated. You should drink eight liters of water or you will fall unconscious. But anywhere, have they told that it depends on the requirement of the body? Yes, only at the conclusion of the article. But the concept of eight glasses is already entrenched in your subconscious mind. So, when you go to a desert, your body can definitely sustain the hot temperature. But because your mind keeps getting alerts from the subconscious mind, you huff, puff and ultimately become dehydrated. So, in this article, we have covered a large number of white papers and written the content for when should you drink water?

If you want to have information on the timings to drink water and maximize the effect on the body, then kindly read the tips given below –

1. Out Of Bed

Your body is starved not only for food but also for the vital ingredient, water. You can drink one to two glasses of water to activate the internal organs. And yes, if you are to exercise, be sure to drink lemon or orange juice.

drink water

2. When Should You Drink Water Before Meals?

It is advisable not to drink water after a heavy meal. The same is conveyed over and over again in many articles and even on videos. But many brush it aside and stick to the traditional method. The real reason – your stomach is full. The internal organs or glands have released juices to digest the food. Now, if you drink water, don’t you think the juices will become diluted? Your digestive system will face problems. It is better to drink a fruit juice or buttermilk to strengthen the juices. Or you can drink the same half an hour after the meal.

Remember the day, when you went to a restaurant and they gave you a drink for starters? What did they contain? An item which can help strengthen the digestive process. Now, do you remember?

best times to drink water

3. Before A Bath – When Should You Drink Water?

If you are suffering from cold, the natural therapy treatment tells you to take a steam bath. But it is only after drinking two glasses of cold water. When the sweat comes out of your body, you should not feel dehydrated. You also have to keep a towel dipped in cold water. The heat in the body which you experience because of the steam bath should not damage the brain. For a normal bath, you can drink one glass of water because it helps to maintain the blood pressure.

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4. Before Sleep – The Time To Drink Water

You know the general rule of not going to sleep two hours after food. However, it is in your best health to drink at least one glass full of water prior to sleep. This is to take care of the loss of fluid that can happen during the night.

how to drink water

5. After Workout

If you are a health enthusiast, the body loses water in the form of sweat due to exercise. And yes, also other nutrients such as sodium and potassium. So instead of just water, you need to consume a protein drink.

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6. Quality of Water

If you are staying in a city such as Bangalore, the pollution is immense. Naturally, you become worried about your health. So, you opt for a water purifier. In many wards, you come across water cleaning equipment to get pure H2o for two to five rupees. But are they really healthy? I have a simple question. Do they have a mechanism or a magic genie to wipe out only harmful viruses?

And if you are a student of biology, you know that are bacteria and viruses helpful to humans. If the water is sent to a water purifier, won’t the helpful viruses and bacteria also get destroyed? It is better to drink water as received from the board. After all, it is purified before sent to our houses. And to be believed, your body may have the necessary immunity to fight the infections.

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7. The temperature of Water You Should Drink

In recent times, it has become a fad to drink water from the refrigerator. There are numerous instances of children, coming from school, opening the fridge and gulping water from a bottle. But how far is it healthy? The body has become hot from the red sun. It has lost water in the form of sweat. The entire body organs are in a hot condition. Now suddenly water below the cold level enters the body, can you imagine the consequences? The cold water contracts the blood vessels of the intestine. The body gets aroused. Then it has to spend extra energy to make the water come to the normal temperature of the body.

Sadhguru has clearly specified in the video, that an individual should drink water that is variable by four degrees to the prevailing natural environment. For example, if the temperature in your locality is 26-degree Celsius then you can drink the water of thirty-degree celsius or twenty-two degree Celsius. If you are a student, who wants to gather more information, then the temperature can go above or below by another four percent.


Ill-effects of drinking too much of water? Are we joking? No and Never. But it is a fact. Have you noticed the scientific papers released regarding ill-effects of drinking too much of water? Now kindly note the facts. There is a specific organ in your body called as the kidney. It is the organ that maintains the fluid balance in the body, filters the waste minerals in the blood. However, it has a capacity beyond which it malfunctions as well goes on the path of failure. Remember the last life of a drunkard. His kidneys get spoilt – the main reason, he consumes alcohol.And the processing of alcohol by the organ gets out of order.

Then one by one, the vital organs lose their potential. The same issue can happen when you drink more than the required amount of water. Your kidneys process the required quantity of waste in the body and stores them. Your body eliminates the waste in the form of urine. If you continuously keep drinking water, then the kidney has to work overtime to determine if there is any waste. So kindly exercise precaution.

drink water

You know very well the proverb – too much is too bad. And this is true even for water consumption. Please do not have the view that if you drink too much of water, your body will work to its maximum. But it is the opposite. There are articles all over the internet, which tells you to have a water pitcher in front. The very picture of having water in front of you makes you sip it continuously. But in fact, it is called as water intoxication. It is better to consume water as per the body requirements. After all, why do you think that there is an English word called as “Thirst?”

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