19 Must-Watch best suspense thriller movies that can give Hitchcock a run for his money

Thriller Kannada Movies

It is well-known that every individual has a liking of curiosity to know new information. That is the main reason, why as a child, you kept asking questions. But as an adult, you love challenges beyond the unknown. The best suspense thriller movies make a case study or a scene and invites us to solve the puzzle. You identify the character and become immersed in the movie. The human brain also works in a different way so as to make you like the movie. Once, in the climax, the identity of the killer is revealed, the minds go back to the rewind mode. Then you think of missing the clues. Ultimately, you appreciate the director for the screenplay.

The best suspense thriller movies becoming a hit is a way of the audience thanking the director for hood-winking them until the last minute of the movie. Come, let’s go through some of the must-watch and legendary thriller Kannada movies on today’s readers.

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19 Must-Watch Thriller Kannada Movies

Parajitha (1982)

A rare and the best suspense thriller movie in which the Methodist actor, Srinivasamurthy played as the hero. Armed with a family plot, and a series of murders, you never guess the killer. That was until the climax of the movie. The suspense ravels in a very different way. One of the first thriller Kannada movies to have a great plot and a good storyline.

Thriller Kannada movies

U Turn (2016)

Can you make a horror movie with a social message? You bet. But Pawan Kumar does the act easily. He told us of the dangers we cause to others when doing acts that violate traffic rules. A cast comprising newcomers and not so famous existing stars, but the film was a surprise hit. And yes, this film opened the way for digital marketing in Kannada.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Shh (1992)

You tell the word “Crazy” – you associate with Kanasugara Ravichandran. But when it comes to creativity in recent times, you can think of Real Star Upendra. The director was in his elements in the second film he directed. The first half of the film is pure comedy and the director brings you to the edge of the seat. Kumar Govind’s first film to become a hit. And yes, Upendra became a force to reckon with this thriller Kannada movie.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Tarka (1989)

A take-off on the 1973 classic Hindi film “Dhund.” The era of Sunil Kumar Desai’s film career in the Kannada movie industry started with this film. A perfect thriller movie to the core, you know the murderer only at the last. A cult movie, to be precise. Devaraj acted as a villain. His performance was truly remarkable and Shankar Nag at his best! And Avinash as a cop gives one of the best performances in this best suspense thriller movies in Kannada.

Thriller Kannada Movies


Aparichita was a massive hit in 1978 as it can be judged as the best suspense thriller in the 1970s. Those were the times when the hero at the conclusion of the film used to reveal he was a CID. This film stands as a testament to the fact. Also, if you are a pakka Kannadiga, do not forget to listen to the famous soulful song,”Ee naada anda.” Suresh Heblikar acts as the Hero.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Ale Mane (1981)

Have you heard the famous song “Nammoora Mandara Hoove?” The song belongs to this film. One of Suresh Heblikar’s notable movies. Do not forget to watch this movie if you want to know how some landlords used to treat their workers in the 1970s. A suspense that ends in the last stage of the film with a twist is incredible.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Aatagara (2015)

A recent movie. But had the plot taken out of the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” The story unfolds as a number of individuals are taken to an island. Strange incidents happen, and they get killed one by one. In the end, none of them survive, but not before we get a heart-wrenching story of betrayal, politics and money power. This film definitely needs a mention in the thriller Kannada movies and so we included it in the list.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Drishya (2014)

A remake of the Malayalam Superhit, Drishyam. Kanasugara Ravichandran plays his part perfectly as the father and husband of a family. A treat for suspense lovers. Although a suspense thriller, it clearly shows the extent a father can go to save his family. Also, it proves that brain works more than brawn.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Beladingala Bale (1995)

Can you make a suspense movie without murder with chess as the theme? Oh, we forgot, you can also add comedy. Then do not forget to watch this movie. A rare film from the noted filmmaker Sunil Kumar Desai. Yendamoori Veerendranath wrote the original novel, Vennelalo Adapilla.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Nigooda rahasya (1990)

The second last of the great filmmaker, creator and all in one, Shankar Nag. A thriller to the core. There is a scene to watch again and again. Shankar Nag comes out of a home after a conversation. And he turns back to see that the home has become an old haunted bungalow. A must see.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Avala Hejje (1981)

You cannot call this film a thriller but it has a tight screenplay. It is a film where Sahasasimha Vishnuvardhan, Rebel Star Ambarish, and Lakshmi gave their best. Dwarakish puts in a commendable performance. The suspense is given in the last stage of the movie. The twist, you have to see to relish! A movie to walk on the weekends! And there is a famous song “Devara Aata Ballavaru Yaaru.”

Thriller Kannada Movies

Samyukta (1988)

A movie where the real friends in life acted together. Shivrajkumar, his cousin Balraj and Gurudutt acted in this movie. A suspense thriller to boot, it boasts of scary moments. Hey! Dynamic Star Devaraj acted as a ghost in this movie. This song also boasts of a famous song “Thangaaliyagi hode.”

Thriller Kannada Movies

Kampana (1988)

A film where Shivram acted as the main villain. You find various recent movies such as the villain may be a Swamiji. But Kampana was far ahead of its time, with the main villain using his yogic powers to hypnotize his victims. And yes, Tiger Prabhakar dies at the end.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Chitralekha (1992)

One of the best suspense thriller movies in 1990s. But with a tight screenplay. The would-be bride’s suitors get killed one by one. Then when the hero comes to propose marriage with her, he also encounters challenges. The suspense is revealed in the last twenty minutes of the film.

Nyaya Ellide (1982)

The real story of this best suspense thriller movie was written by Tamil Super Star Vijay’s father S A Chandrasekhar. And the film got dubbed in multiple languages. The screenplay points to the various loopholes taken advantage of by powerful persons in society. A 1980s classic. The hero is a rebel and takes revenge based on the loopholes in the law. The plot and twist – His sister is in the police force who follows the legal system.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Idhu Sadhya (1989)

The first film to be completed within 48 hours, it was directed by Dinesh Babu in 1989. If you want to see blood, gore and a star cast of Revathi, Shankar Nag, and Prabhakar, watch this movie. One of the Kannada movies to have a World Record.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Premada Kanike (1976)

A movie to be dubbed in multiple languages. Only in few films have the Nata Sarvabhauma Dr. Rajkumar acted in a way so as to depict a negative role in the first half and the other half a good Samaritan. The first film to have a crime family thriller plot.

Thriller Kannada Movies

Aagantuka (1987)

Directed by Suresh Heblikar, this movie has all the trappings of sex, murder, and suspense. Vanita Vasu gives a surprise with her acting skills. The plot is written in a brilliant manner. Devaraj, in a villain role, got the Best Supporting Actor award for his performance.

Kshana Kshana (2007)

Although appreciated by the critics, the film proved to be average at the box-office. The film plot can be termed as taken from Sidney Sheldon’s primary novel, The Naked Face.

Thriller Kannada Movies

27 Mavalli Circle (1986)

Dynamic Hero, Devaraj’s first film. Based on the classic play, Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott, the film was produced by T N Narasimhan. It is very rare that a handicapped person steals the show in a thriller film. Watch this film to get a glimpse of the tight screenplay.

Thriller Kannada Movies


There is another reason why the audience likes thriller movies. In the thriller movie, you get a disturbing pattern of negative incidences. The hero tries to decode the reason behind the happenings. Unknowingly, you travel with the main protagonist, and when the suspense is revealed you heave a sigh of relief. Then once again your mind rewinds and checks the scenes. The film’s success is achieved. There is also another reason. No one likes to be in a negative situation. But everybody likes to be a bystander. A thriller movie is the best way to experience a situation on the screen rather than have your feet in the same boots. What do you say?

If we have missed any thriller movies of Kannada then please let us know in the comments below.

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