Best Non-Touristy Places In Ireland To Visit

hidden places in ireland
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Millions of people visit Ireland every year. As a matter of fact, tourism is the biggest contributor to the country’s economy. As the second-largest island in the British Isles, Ireland has a long list of beautiful places that tourists must visit and discover. It is not hard to fall in love with its undeniable charm, but sometimes visiting a place with a crowd of people everywhere can be tiring. For people who want to relax, it is a great experience to visit places that aren’t overrun by tourists yet.

5 Best Hidden Places In Ireland

Mourne Mountains

If you are a fan of fantasy stories, then this mountain located in County Down, Northern Ireland is a great place to visit. Author of The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis was actually inspired by this beautiful greenery. Mountain lovers can climb its tallest peak, Slieve Donard with a height of around 850 meters. The top shows a fantastic view of the Murlough Bay and Newcastle.


If you are not up for a hike on one of its peaks, then you can visit the Mourne Wall built in the year 1904 that stretches all the way to 15 other mountains. The dry stones placed together are only bound by gravity. Every June, the Mourne International Walking Festival is held to enjoy different outdoor activities for enthusiastic walkers.

Hore Abbey

Hore Abbey is another ancient monastery with a rich history. Located down the hill of the Rock of Cashel, this abbey gifted by archbishop David MacCarwill in 1272 after he dreamed that the Benedictine monks are planning to murder him. Afterward, it was given to Sir Henry Radcliff by Queen Elizabeth in 1561. This castle-like ruin is free to the public and has less crowd. A great place to visit if you like mysterious places with bizarre stories.

hidden places in ireland
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Glendalough literally translates to “the glen of two lakes”. This natural beauty can be found just 50 kilometers from the capital city, Dublin. To get to the two majestic lakes, you have to exercise your muscles and hike a little bit. The peaceful upper lake gives you a sight of a beautiful tree line rolling up the mountains. Continue your hike up the top and you should see the upper and lower lake.


Aside from the two majestic lakes, the ruins of the ancient monastic city can also be found in Glendalough. It served as a Christian monastic settlement in the 6th century and was later developed into a city. It survived countless of Vikings attacks until it was completely destroyed by the English in 1398. If you’re up to an eerie adventure, you can walk along the city’s graveyard.

Birr Castle

The Birr Castle housed the Earls of Rosse, who are known for their scientific traditions. In 1845, the Leviathan of Parsonstown or the “Great Telescope” was completed. The 183-cm reflector was recorded as the biggest telescope in the world until 1917. The third Earl of Rosse used this telescope and discovered the Whirlpool Nebula.

At the foot of the castle, a wildflower meadow can be found along with an O’Carroll oak that has witnessed the castle’s 500 years of history.


Beaghmore Stone Circles

This bizarre and amazing place in Ireland houses 7 large stone circles and over 1,269 small stones placed upright. No one exactly knows when it was built or placed on the edge of the Sperrin mountain range, and no one knows who placed it there.

What’s more interesting is that at the end of the six paired stones is a very different stone, called the “Dragon’s Teeth”. It was called as such because of the 800 small stones on it. Researchers reported that they found the remains of several children buried within the circle. If you’re not much into creepy stories, then you can check out the night sky in this location. This site is said to be one of the best places to stargaze in Northern Ireland.

hidden places in ireland
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Aside from visiting these hidden places, Over in Ireland lists other amazing things to do in Ireland. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and fly over to Ireland!