15 Memorable Kannada Movie Characters Which Have Left Their Strong Imprints Among The Audience

Kannada Movie Characters

Kannada Cinema, for years, has given us many memorable films. In this series, we look at some of the most memorable Kannada movie characters.

Rajeeva – Bangarada Munushya

If there is anyone character which can be given as examples for humility, selflessness and inspirational, it should be undoubtedly Rajeeva from Bangarada Manushya. The sincerity of grief on his face in the last part of the film breaks your heart. If there is one complete white character which is believable at the same time, it is this.

Kannada Movie Characters

Chamayya Meshtru – Nagarahaavu

Nagarahaavu is probably the film which describes the relationship between a teacher and a student so aptly. Chamayya Meshtru is an ideal teacher. When the whole village is against Ramachaari, he is the one who stands by him. He wants to guide him on the right path. He wants to control the anger of Ramachaari. The most integral part of the film is the conversations between the student and a teacher through which the society is exposed.

Kannada Movie Characters

Bhootayya – Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu

Bhootayya played by MP Shankar comes in the line of the series of zamindaar characters portrayed in Kannada Cinema. What makes him distinct is that he is ruthless, merciless and shrewd with the villagers and their land.

Kannada Movie Characters

Savkar Sidappa – Sampattige Savaal

Sidappa is yet another zamindaar character. Played by Vajramuni, Sidappa is unabashedly bad and has not an iota of guilt for whatever he does. Vajramuni’s performance rakes up genuine hatred in the minds of the audience.

Kannada Movie Characters

Ravi Verma – Kasturi Nivasa

It is yet another melancholic character played by Dr. Rajkumar. Ravi is a rich, widower and owns a matchbox company. Like Bangaradu Manushya, this is also a complete white character but whereas the former dealt with family, this dealt with social life. This character is a good tool used by the director to portray the realities of charities in today’s world.

Kannada Movie Characters

Ramu – Bettada Hoovu

Ramu is endearing. He has one ambition in life; to purchase Sri Ramayana Darshanam of Kuvempu but there are a lot of hurdles. He is poor. He begins to sell wildflowers and starts collecting money. A situation arises where he has to choose between his book and an ailing family member. Ramu’s journey and struggle are memorable for its not-giving-up attitude.

Kannada Movie Characters

Revanth – Beladingala Baale

Revanth, a chess player, gets a mysterious phone call from a female claiming to be his fan. As Revanth starts tracing her, he begins to fall in love with her. For Revanth, at the end of the movie, all it mattered was her and not the chess match which would give him many accolades. Revanth’s desire to meet her, his realization of the importance of her and he finally staying with her imagination; all seems so wonderfully written.

Kannada Movie Characters

Karna – Karna

Like the original Karna of Mahabharata, the Karna played by Dr. Vishnuvardhan is a tear-jerker of a character. Karna is all love and sacrifices. He rises upon the greed of his brothers and helps the family. Sometimes, he tells us, that sacrificing what you love for someone you love is important.

Kannada Movie Characters

Nanu – Upendra

One of the main reasons behind the success of the film ‘Upendra’ is its central character – Nanu. The characterization of Nanu was done brilliantly. He seemed unrealistic but people bought it and once that happens, people flow with the character like water. Whatever he did, whatever he questioned and whatever he said made sense!

Kannada Movie Characters

Muniyamma – Kothigalu Saar Kothigalu

The character of Muniyamma played by Umashree is one of the funniest female characters in Kannada Cinema. Muniyamma is the maid in all the three houses of the film. She often comes across as dumb and sometimes unnecessarily enthusiastic. The three male protagonists look down on Muniyamma. Umashree played the character brilliantly with the innocence and right temperament.

One of the finest sequences in the film is when the three male protagonists feel Muniyamma is dead but she isn’t. She lit up the film for me and she deserves the place on this list.

Kannada Movie Characters

Agni – Agni IPS

Agni IPS played by Sai Kumar is probably the most iconic policeman after Shankar Nag’s Sangliana. Agni is fearless, honest and has no filter. With Agni, the audience saw a different kind of police who don’t shy away from abusing people in power and who is unapologetically not subtle in whatever he does.

Kannada Movie Characters

Ganesha – Gauri Ganesha

The next character is the young Ganesha in Gauri Ganesha played by Master Anand. Ganesha was sweet, intelligent and witty. Some of the best lines in the movie come from Ganesha. Even without much detailing, whenever Ganesha is on screen, a smile automatically comes on your face.

Kannada Movie Characters

Ganga – Aptha Mithra

The ever beautiful Soundarya played Ganga, the psychologically impacted, in Aptha Mitra. This role showed us how good an actress she was. One particular sequence, at the far end of the film, where she switches to being Nagavalli still sends chills up the spine. To realize that it was her last memorable performance is really sad.

Kannada Movie Characters

Devadasa – Mungaru Male

If there is any character played by a non-human which has become iconic, it is Devadasa. The film is a miracle. Without speaking, without really acting, Devadasa managed to turn every eye wet at the end of the film. If you too, like me, have cried while watching him die, you would never forget him.

Kannada Movie Characters

Nani – Eddelu Manjunatha

An aspiring director Nani, visually impaired, played by Tabla Nani, happens to meet Manja, played by Jaggesh, at a lodge and the film is about the seemingly endless conversation they have. If you see the film for the very first time, you would actually believe that Tabla Nani sis blind. It is played with such nuance. The most appealing aspect of the portrayal is that Nani doesn’t believe he has a disability and yet dreams of becoming a director where vision is the crucial part.

Kannada Movie Characters

That’s it? No, the list goes on and on. Which is that one character you think is the best that has come in KFI? Do let us know in the comments below.

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