5 best food points in Bengaluru you should not miss to visit

Street Food - Samosa

Food is one of the needs for human beings apart from clothing and shelter and different states are known for its varieties of different types of food habits. In this article we shall be taking about 5 best food points in Bengaluru you must know if you are an authentic food lover.

V V Puram Food Street in Bengaluru


Is has a great varieties of food to offer to their customers. Starting from the hot and spicy Masala dosa to the sweet and sublime dal holige drenched in ghee, it almost has everything to offer you and it’s undoubtedly delicious. You can’t for sure miss the rose gulkand enriched with the goodness of pure honey and white butter. The best thing about it is that it’s very affordable.

Central tiffin room located at Malleshwaram

Known for the utterly delicious butter masala dosa and serving since six decades, the central tiffin room has made a name for themselves for serving one of the most delicious food to their customers. It is one of the famous places to have South Indian street food.


Brahmin’s coffee bar located at Basavangudi

The classy and enriched food, especially the traditional South Indian food can be found in Brahmin’s coffee bar. Amazing and mouthwatering hot rice idlies which are comparatively soft served with crispy vadas are something which you can’t afford to miss and it won’t hurt your budget much as the price is convenient and taste is mind-blowing. It’s also known to serve coffee, tea and kesarbath which are comparatively delicious.

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Hari’s sandwich zone located at Jayanagar

It has a varieties of sandwiches to offer but the most delicious and unique sandwich is the rich chocolate sandwich which you shouldn’t miss if you happen to visit Bangalore. It has a wide variety of chats to offer and every variety of it is truly delicious. It comes with an affordable price and will leave its taste which you relish forever

Rakesh kumar pani puri stall at Jayanagar


Pani puri, gol gappa or puchka, it may be called either of this but it’s one of the famous food items around India which is highly liked by almost everyone. Never miss a chance to try these when you happen to visit Bangalore, its right there at Jayanagar. Whoever had tried it always had good words to define its taste and they are renowned for serving those delicious pani puri for years by now and are very much affordable.

So if you have plans to visit Bangalore of if you reside there, make sure that you try these street foods at least once and I assure you would not regret.

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