6 Best DSLR Cameras Under 25000 Which are Highly Recommended

Best DSLR Cameras

A DSLR camera? Really? No way! My pocket will never allow. That’s what we all think when we hope to buy a great camera. But let this be known that you have some wide variety of DSLR cameras, which will not only allow you to click on some awesome photographs but will also be light on your pocket. So, if you are planning to buy best DSLR camera under Rs 25,000, today, we have listed best DSLR cameras from top brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony Etc. The first thing you should keep while buying a DSLR for beginners is you should be careful with lots of things like maintenance and after buy service of your DSLR which you will find in the listed options.

So here are 6 best DSLR cameras under 25000 for you. Chose your pick.

1. Nikon D3200

Excited to capture some of the best moments around you? Not to worry your search ends with the Nikon D3200. It has a camera with 24 MP resolution and it’s pleasing to note that the extra pixels don’t come at the cost of a reduction in image quality. For beginners looking to get a bit more creative with their photography, Nikon’s innovative Guide Mode is a real boon. View more best DSLR cameras like Nikon D3200, if you’re a beginning photographer.


  • The resolution of the camera is 24.2 MP
  • The display is of 3 Inch LCD
  • Comes with a battery of 540 Shots
  • Its weight is 455 grams

Best DSLR Cameras

2. Nikon D5200

The developments to the D5200’s internal specification – most notably the 39-point AF system and 24.1MP sensor – result in a truly impressive specification for a consumer model. It delivers stunning image quality and is a pleasing camera to use. If you are a greenhorn and looking for something very useful and also easy to use Nikon D5200 can be your choice. Your shopping has become easier as Tata Cliqhas come up with some amazing offers that will allow hassle-free shopping. With Tata Cliq Coupons you can simply copy the code and best offers await for you in your shopping bag.

  • The resolution is sparkling with 24.1 MP
  • The display is of 3 Inch LCD
  • The battery has N/A Shots
  • Weight is a little higher which is 505 grams

Nikon Cameras

3. Canon EOS 1200D

Despite a slightly lackluster specification, the Canon EOS 1200D delivers a superb first-time DSLR experience. For an extraordinarily competitive price, you get a lot of solid under-the-bonnet features like superb native ISO performance, a solid metering system and a sensor with a nice fat megapixel count. Phew, sounds great, isn’t it?

  • The resolution of the camera is 18 MP
  • The display comes with 3 Inch LCD
  • 450 Shots for the battery
  • The weight of the camera is 481 grams

Canon cameras

4. Canon EOS 1300D

If you’re looking for your first DSLR, Canon EOS 1300D is capable, well-priced introduction to creative photography. There are a hell lot of options for you with better picture quality and design but ultimately 1300D’s wireless connectivity and excellent usability along with Canon’s huge range of optics mean that if you choose to go with the red team, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.


  • Resolution is same as the above which is 18 MP
  • The display also remains the same as 3 Inch LCD
  • Battery comes with 450 Shots
  • The weight of the camera is 440 grams

Best DSLR Cameras

5. Nikon D3300

The fact that you can buy a 24.3-megapixel DSLR (with a decent lens) for around Rs.25000 shows how competitive the digital camera market has gotten. The Nikon D3300 is an excellent entry-level DSLR camera for aspiring photographers, delivering a good feature set and high-quality images. Put your photography glasses on!

  • Resolution is 24.2 MP! That is amazing
  • The display remains the same as in other cameras which is 3 Inch LCD
  • The battery has next level advantage with 700 Shots
  • The weight of the camera remains light that is 410 grams

DSLR under 25000

6. Nikon D3400

Last, in the trail but by far, one the best DSLR cameras that you can buy under Rs. 25000. You can now capture breathtaking images in your next vacation using the Nikon D3400 with DSLR Camera. Whether it is a panoramic shot, long zoom, or close-ups, this camera will let you click pictures in amazing clarity.

  • Resolution is of 20.1 MP
  • The display is a little less with  2.7 Inch LCD
  • Battery comes with 700 Shots
  • The weight of the camera is 492 grams

Best DSLR Cameras

There are a lot of things that you should keep in mind while buying a DSLR camera. It should definitely match with your budget and be getting a DSLR under Rs. 25000 is a superb idea. We recommend you to check websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and apkhoth for better deals.


The Image quality matters a lot. On the other hand, the processor grip and size, Versatility, Video making etc – all these factors contribute in buying the best DSLR cameras.

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