18 Super-Hit Movies of Dr.Raj Remade to Other Languages Proves His Unbeatable Legacy

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In the Kannada film industry, the dubbing issue raises its head again and again. But sadly, there has been no statement regarding the remaking of other language films in Kannada. Five decades before, it was the other way around. Kannada films, with Rajkumar as the hero, was remade in other languages. In this article, you will get to know interesting facts on best Rajkumar’s movies remade in other languages.

But why should any Producer go for a Remake?

Remake films are already known to the audience. This aspect gives many marketing advantages to the producer. There is no need to pay any writer for the story and the cost is low. The story, concept and making the movie is easy for a remake. Even if you lose a sequence to shoot, you always have the original for the shooting.


Also, a successful remake can get the producer a hefty advance from the distributors. A distributor will not risk his/her money on a new project with a new storyline.

List of Annavru’s Films Remade In Other Languages

1. Anuraga Aralithu (1986)

The screenplay is penned from the novel Anuragada Anthapura (H G Radhadevi). The film had popular actors of the time such as Madhavi, Pandari Bai, Geetha. Dr. Rajkumar played the hero. A successful venture at the box office, this film set the cash registers ringing even in remakes – Gharana Mogudu (Telugu), and Laadla (Hindi).

2. Naa Ninna Mareyalare (1976)

Produced by Crazy Star Ravichandran’s father, N Veeraswamy, it is also based on a story penned by A R Anand (Title – Naanu Neenu Jodi). It had Rajkumar at the helm with Lakshmi as the heroine. Another blockbuster, it made its way to Tamil (Puthukavithai) with Rajnikanth as the hero. It also reached the national level in Hindi as Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge with Anil Kapoor as the hero.


3. Thayige Thakka Maga (1978)

Once again based on a story by Anjaneya Pushpanand, the story play revolved around a boxer. The film had able performances from Rajkumar, Padmapriya, Sowcar Janaki. A silver jubilee, it was remade in the neighboring state, Andhra Pradesh as Puli Bidda (1981). In Hindi, Dharmendra acted in the remake of the film. Name – Main Intequam Loonga (1982). One of Rajkumar’s movies remade to other languages, but which had him play the role of an action hero.

rajkumar movie
A Rare Photo of Dr. Raj

4. Eradu Kanasu (1974)

A blockbuster, no doubt, but the film also had memorable songs. Rajkumar acted with two of the best actresses, Kalpana and Manjula. In the Telugu remake, the film was named “Pooja.” Similar to other films, this film is also based on a novel by writer Vani with the same name. Again, a silver jubilee.

5. Premada Kanike (1976)

Well, the Bollywood connection starts here. The story writers were Salim Javed. With seasoned performers such as Rajkumar and Aarathi and Jayamala in a guest role, the film got cult status as one of the foremost crime thriller movies. One of the first Annavru’s movies to be remade in South Indian languages. In 1980, Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth acted in the role of Rajkumar for the same storyline titled “Polladavan.”


6. Shankar Guru

The film which has the matinee idol in three roles. He had able support in the form of Kanchana and Jaimala as heroines. You can guess the popularity of the film as it was remade in three languages. In Tamil – Thirisoolam, Kumara Raja (Telugu) and in Hindi as Mahaan.

rajkumar movies remade
A Rare Photo of Dr.Raj

7. Gandhada Gudi

Produced by M P Shankar, the film featured Rajkumar in the lead role. Another popular star of Kannada cinema, Vishnuvardhan acted in a negative role. A silver jubilee to the core, in Telugu, it was titled Adavi Ramudu while in Hindi, it was given the name of Kartavya.

8. Baalu Belagithu

Directed by Siddalingaiah, it has Raajkumar in a double role with Bharathi and Jayanthi acting as heroines. A tight screenplay coupled with murder and family sentiment as the backdrop, the film was a roaring success. It achieved the same status when remade in other languages such as Manchivadu (Telugu), Humshakal (Hindi) and Oorukku Uzhaippavan (Tamil).


9. Beedi Basavanna

Directed/produced by B R Panthulu, the film had the leading actors of the time such as Bharathi and Narasimharaju along with Rajkumar. In the Tamil version, the lead role was essayed by popular Tamil actor, M G Ramachandran. Both the films achieved success.

rajkumar movie
A Rare Photo of Dr.Raj

10. Kula Gourava

Another film which our Natasarvabhauma acted in a triple role. As for the heroines – the roles enacted by Bharathi and Jayanthi. This was the film in which Crazy Star V Ravichandran appeared as a child artist. In Telugu, it was remade as Kula Gouravam and in Tamil, it was remade with the same name. Family audiences poured into the theatres to watch the movie. And even the remakes of this Rajkumar movie in other South Indian languages became successful.

11. Sri Krishna Rukmini Satyabhama (1971)

As the name suggests, it is a Kannada mythological film. In the lead roles, it had Rajkumar, Aarathi, B Saroja Devi and Aarathi. When Lord Krishna is the lead role, can you guess who did the lead role in Telugu? Yes, it is N T Rama Rao and the film’s name was Sri Krishna Tulabharam.

12. Kasturi Nivasa

Another money-spinner movie, although the hero dies a tragic death for honoring his words. The other actors in the movies were also stalwarts such as Jayanthi, Aarathi and K S Ashwath. A milestone in Kannada cinema. In the Tamil version, it was Shivaji Ganeshan (Avanthan Manithan) and in Hindi, it was Sanjeev Kumar who did the lead role.


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13. Gange Gowri

Directed and produced by B R Panthulu, the film has commendable performances from Leelavathi, Bharathi with Rajkumar in the role of Lord Shiva. In Tamil, the film had the same name.

rajkumar movies remade
A Rare Photo of Dr.Raj and Chi. Udayashankar

14. Bhakta Kumbara

A soulful real-life story based on devotion. With Rajkumar and Leelavathi acting in the main roles, it was left to Dwarakish and Balakrishna to do the roles of comedians with perfection. A movie which was approved by the masses by running successfully for many weeks. Known for its hugely popular songs, it was remade to Telugu as Chakadhari with Akkineni Nageshwara Rao as the hero.

15. Kantheredu Nodu

A film to see the best performances by Rajkumar, Balakrishna, Rajashree, and Narasimharaju. This movie was remade as Kavyamela in Malayalam. In 1968, the remake was named as Devi in Tamil.

16. Chalisuva Modagalu

A classic from Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. The film had another popular actor Ambika. Saritha and K S Aswath gave commendable performances. Known for its evergreen songs, the film was remade to Telugu as Rajkumar. Watch the film for the showdown between Rajkumar and Saritha in the court scenes.


rajkumar movie
A Rare Photo of Dr.Raj

17. Sanaadi Appanna

Another film based on the novel by Krishnamoorthy Puranik. Even the book has the same name. The film had Rajkumar and Jayaprada in the lead roles. The other actors are Ashok, Thoogudeepa Srinivas, and Balakrishna. Another blockbuster, which was remade into Telugu as Sannayi Appanna. A film based on music, and definitely to be mentioned as one of the popular remakes of Rajkumar’s remakes.

18. Bangaarada Panjara

The film means “Golden Cage” but in actuality, it is a comedy film. And the cast included Pandari Bai, Aarathi, Lokanath and K S Ashwath. The plot coincided with the Marathi movie of 1972 Ekta Jeev Sadashiv. You can see a similar theme in the Hindi film Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain with Govinda in the lead role.


The following films are only some of the films remade in other languages. Rajkumar’s brother Varadappa used to select the roles and till he was at the helm, very rarely did the films fail. In fact, other language producers felt very glad when Rajkumar films ran for a silver jubilee. They can obtain the rights to the film, remake it in their own language and mint money. The tradition continues even to this day. The only modification, changes are made in the story to accommodate the recent trend.

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