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The bean bag chairs have been decorating homes since 1968 when they were first created. By then they were just polystyrene balls in big sacks nowadays, they are beautiful chairs, beds, and couches of different shapes, designs, sizes, and colours.

They’re super comfortable chairs that you can easily move from one room to the next, provide the best support for your body, and are super easy to clean. There are so many available options that you can go for from the 8-foot bean bag to the small 3-foot bean bag.

You can also go for the rigid back chair or the convertible bean bag bed, whichever fits your space and style. There is a perfect bean bag chair for you for every activity.

Bean bags are versatile and portable chairs that you can put in the living room, bedroom, or workplace. Here are some of the bean bag chairs you can get for yourself.

Big Joe lumin chair

If you’re looking for a bean bag chair that will give you ultimate comfort, then you’ve found one. This large bean bag chair has got an armrest to support your back and a soft and easy to clean removable microfiber cover. This 4 feet bean bag chair has a classic chair look and a memory foam insert that makes it different from all the other bean bags. It’s double stitched and secured with a double zipper for extra safety. It beats having a conventional chair in your office. You can pick your choice from the 20 different colours available and the best part is it’s eco-friendly.

Big Joe XXL

This is among the biggest bean bag chairs available. It’s a 7 feet bean bag made with suede and corduroy material which makes it extremely soft. The double stitching on the covers reinforced with metal zippers prevent it from tearing easily. The Styrofoam beads provide you great support as they conform to your body contours. To clean you just wipe the bean bag with a wet cloth or remove the cover and machine or hand wash it.

3-foot sofa sack bean bag chair

This 3-foot bean bag chair is the best option if you don’t have a lot of space but still want a comfortable and portable chair. It’s big enough for an adult to sit and relax in and the memory foam filling conforms to your body to give you enough support. You can easily remove and wash the double stitched microfiber cover that doesn’t tear easily even with the frequent wash.

Chill sack bean bag chair

This stylish and snuggly bean bag chair is a beautiful piece of furniture that you can put in your living room. It’s double stitched with a durable micro-suede fibre making it safe for your kids to play with and easy to wash. Although it has a small width, it’s a cosy deep seat. It’s available in many colours you can choose from to make any room beautiful.

Big Jaxx bean bag sofa

A massive bean bag bed measuring 6 feet lengthwise has enough space for you to comfortably lie in. You can also turn it on its side to use it as a chair. The micro-suede and polyester removable cover can be easily washed. The filling is a multi-density polyurethane cushion foam that provides great support for your body. It’s a great bag for taking a nap, watching movies or just lounging.

Rio cotton twill fabric bean bag

This pear-shaped bean bag made with cotton is chic and cosy and easily washable. You will not find many bean bags made with cotton. It has vibrant colours that can fit any colour scheme, a washing bag to empty the fillings making it easy to wash, and a heavy-duty childproof zipper to prevent your kids from opening the bean bag. You can even customize it with your own embroidery, painting or print.

Christopher Knight home 8-foot lounger

Wow! This is a huge bean bag that stands at 8 feet. This massive bean bag lounger will provide you with all the comfort you need whether you’re lying or sitting on it and your feet won’t even dangle on the edge. It has a removable synthetic micro-suede cover that you can easily wash. Your kids will love sleeping or playing on this bean bag since it’s securely locked and not easily punctured. You can choose which colours suits you from its neutral and bright colours available.

Lamb’s wool bean bag

This bean bag made with pure Australian lamb’s wool is a trendy piece to add to your living room furniture. It’s a super snugly bean bag to warm you during the cold days as you seat near the fireplace. It has a leather base and a separate inner lining making it easier during cleaning. You can either get the steel grey, teal blue or ivory white colours.

CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chair

This is a massive one of a kind convertible bean bag that you can seat on when flat or as a chair. The super soft shredded foam filling help your body to relax. The outer cover is made with polyester that you can either wipe with a damp cloth or hand or machine wash. As a chair, it can seat two people comfortably and when unfolded, it’s the size of a cosy king-size bed.

Intex beanless inflatable bag chair

If you’re not a fan of cleaning up fallen beans from the bean bag, then this inflatable bean bag chair will be your best choice. It has a corduroy texture making it very soft to touch. You can inflate or deflate it within minutes, however, because its inflatable there is always a chance of it having air leaks once in a while which you can easily fix with patch kits that are readily available.


Bean bag chairs are an alternative to conventional furniture that is comfortable to sit or lay on. They also come with many health benefits to your body and muscles that ordinary chairs can’t. Their unique and trendy designs change the ambience of any room.




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