Bengaluru’s Victoria Hospital Doctors Dance to Old Songs To Distress Themselves and Patients

In a viral video clip that has surfaced social media, three doctors from Bengaluru are seen dancing to the old 1960s Hindi song Likhe jo Khat Tujhe.

The doctors working in Bengaluru’s Victoria Hospital, to distress themselves, are dancing to old songs, cooking for staff, organizing Mehendi, and getting a drawing competition. In a 46-second video clip, doctors are seen dancing to an old song.


In the video, the doctors are completely covered in the Personal Protective Equipment gear and are deployed to treat patients in the hospital’s coronavirus ward. The doctors who are deployed in the COVID wards are made to stay in the hospital premises.

Bengaluru doctors (1)
Courtesy: NDTV

In the ward, among the positive coronavirus patients, 18 of them are children for whom the doctors are organizing various activities to keep their morale high. Dr. Asma Banu said,

“In addition to this, we have been organizing mehndi competition for women patients and painting for kids. Winners are given prizes as well. Kids demand chocolates and carom boards mostly, and I along with Dr. Balaji Pie, cook food in our panty for ourselves and other staff as well.”

Cases surge in Karnataka

Over the past week, the state of Karnataka witnessed a huge spike in the number of positive cases of the novel coronavirus. A high number of cases have been people coming in from other states, mostly from Maharashtra. The state government has restricted travel and strengthened the quarantine guidelines for people coming in from Maharashtra.


As of Tuesday, the state has witnessed over 3,796 positive cases. 2,339 cases are still active in the state whereas 1,403 people have been discharged after being recovered successfully. The state has witnessed 52 deaths in the state. On Tuesday, the state witnessed its highest spike of 388 cases.

Out of the 399 infections in the capital city of Bengaluru, 237 people have recovered successfully leaving the city with only 151 active cases. This is a significantly low number compared to its counterpart metro cities in the country which has witnessed over 10,000 cases. The secret to its fight, according to the experts, is tracing, tracking, testing, and treating. Although these were followed in other cities too, the implementation was the difference.

Source: NDTV