Bengaluru: Youth Dress Up As Ghosts To Scare People, Get Arrested

source: deccanherald

Pranks and jokes on someone are usually fun to watch, but when we are its victim, the things never look the same. Youth in Bengaluru, who dressed like ghost scaring people for a youtube video got arrested by the city police on Sunday.

Ghost Prank went wrong

Wearing white gowns and Kurtas, with scary long nails, wigs and red paint to resemble blood, 7 youngsters in Bengaluru costumed like ‘ghosts’, went around terrifying people in the middle of the night on Sunday in Shariff Nagar area of Yeshwanthpur.

The suspects were identified as Malik, Naveed, Saqib, Syed Nabeel, Yusuf Ahmed, Mohammed Aqib, and Sajil Mohammed. The police said that they where all in the age-group of 18 to 23 years.

source: deccanherald

The group meant to scare people and record the video for their youtube page. While some were scaring the passer-by, the other group members were recording the videos of their reactions when they noticed the ‘ghost’. They also frightened auto-rickshaws and cars that were carrying passengers to the railway station in the middle of the night.

Annoyed citizens sick of pranks 

A cab driver who was napping in his vehicle on the roadside informed the police that he was panicked when the youths walked up to him and scared him through the closed window. “I was in a deep sleep and woke up and I got collapsed when a scary man was hitting on the window of the car and attempting to open it,” he said.

source: deccanherald

Another fellow, who was returning home, got so scared that he fell and sustained minor injuries while trying to run away from the “ghost.”

Getting annoyed with this comical mischief, the citizens registered a complaint against these groups for pranking on them. The police said they were also alerted by few locals who said that the group might be trying to perform theft in the form of such pranks.

Police arrested the accused 

Police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested the groups. Their equipment was captured and a case was initiated against them at the Yeshwanthpur police station. The seven were booked by the police around the time where Section 144 was imposed in the city.

source: deccanherald

“We arrested one person and found a large number of videos on his phone. After investigation and going through his profile, we do know their purpose was only to commit pranks and upload the video on Youtube,” said N Shashikumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru North.

After the parents of the youths pleaded with the police for mercy, the cops gave them bail with a warning. The DCP said that even though they were only pranking the people, but the way they represented themselves as ghosts in the middle of the night was terrible. “What if they had tried to stop a two-wheeler that was moving on high speed? There could have been an accident, the DCP said.




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