Bengaluru woman ‘Tattoos Husband’s Name’ on forehead, gets ‘slammed’ by Netizens

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a woman in Bengaluru had her face tattooed with her husband’s name. This incident has divided social media users.

Tattoo on Husband’s Name

King Maker Tattoo Studio in Bengaluru posted the now-viral video on Instagram. The woman in the video is seen getting her husband’s name, Satish, tattooed on her forehead while sitting on a chair. Before deciding on the final font size, the tattoo artist writes the name on paper and then pastes it on the woman’s forehead.


The woman appears to be overjoyed and excited. Soon after, the tattoo artist begins applying ink with his tattoo machine, she seems to be in discomfort and even attempts to stop the artist with her hand expressions. The text on the video reads, “True Love.”

Watch the Video Here: Click

Mixed Reactions from Netizens

The video also received several comments. Not everyone was convinced about the purpose of the tattoo.

“This means nothing but stupidity. True love doesn’t require to be proved, it should be felt by your care, affection, priority, being there no matter what, supporting, uplifting, understanding,” commented a user.


The second one commented, “This is called overaction I want a dislike button.” A Third person said, “RIP – common sense in individuals.”

“That’s why education is more important,” added another one.