Bengaluru Will Soon Have Solar Energy Powered EV Charging Stations

electric vehicles bangalore

The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) is planning to use solar energy to power electric vehicles (EV) in the metro city. The company will utilize solar energy for powering charging stations where the electric vehicles get charged.

Bescom To Ready 112 EV Charging Stations By August-End

According to reports, the company is planning to ready around 112 EV charging stations by the end of August of this year in Bengaluru. The primary aim behind the proposed stations is to make sure that the infrastructure required for using EVs is available for the commuters and encourage them to use electric vehicles.


At present, there are four EV charging stations available in the metro city at Vikasa Soudha, the Bescom headquarters, Vidhana Soudha and the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) office.

The new stations will be located primarily at government departments such as BMTC offices, TTMC buildings, BBMP ward offices, Bescom offices, BMRCL offices, Karnataka Housing Board office, and Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board office.

Bescom plans to spread these charging stations across the areas including outer regions such as Yelahanka, K.R.Puram, Kengeri, and Electronics City.


Few EV Charging Stations To Be Tried On Pilot Basis

According to the DGM, Smart Grid and EV, Bescom, C.K, Sreenath, they are going to try a few charging stations on a  pilot basis. Later on, they will expand on the basis of technical as well as the financial success of these pilot projects.

Sreenath said, “Under the Smart Grid project, we are looking at adopting available technology and making an interactive grid. This includes smart metering, the DAS project, EV charging stations, and energy storage. In a few months, we are hoping to be able to start solar integration with the charging stations so that clean energy enables clean transport.”

EVs off late has been facing criticism for using non-sustainable energy sources such as coal for powering. According to environmentalists, this defeats the very purpose of using electric vehicles over the conventional ones.


With the coming up of these EV charging stations, there will be no need to use coal or other non-sustainable energy sources for generating energy. 

Currently, Bengaluru has around 7,000 electric vehicles in the city.

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