Bengaluru: Twitter Is Divided after ‘Condoms’, ‘Contraceptives’ found in students’ bag

An exercise to check cell phone use inside classrooms ended up shocking authorities of several schools in Bengaluru. A discussion followed on social media on the same.

Surprise school bag checks

Amid widespread raids across school bags of students in Bengaluru to curb the rising incidence of students carrying mobile phones to school, teachers and authorities have been left shell-shocked after discovering other prohibited items like condoms, cigarettes, lighters, and contraceptive pills. Paint thinners that are known to be used for substance abuse were also found among the possessions of a few.


The random bag-checking was started across several schools in the city following orders by the Associated Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka (KAMS). The items were seized from bags of students in Classes 8, 9, and 10, reported Deccan Herald.

The trend has left teachers and school authorities concerned. Following the seizures, several schools held meetings with the parents of concerned students. The principal of a school in Nagarabhavi told the paper that parents were equally shocked and they too informed the school about “sudden behavioral changes in children”.

Twitter Reactions

A discussion broke out on Twitter after the incident. People were divided in their views. Some supported the students and said it was good they were aware of contraceptives and safe sex. Others said children need to be given adequate sex education and have their activities watched till they are 18 years old.