17 Tweets about Bengaluru Traffic Which Makes You Feel that You are not the Only One Who is Suffering

bengaluru traffic tweets

Bengaluru traffic, Oooh La La! We all know how wonderful the situation is in the city. The traffic here is so impartial that it will not spare anyone, no matter what. It has become so inevitable that Bengalurians have got used to it and may be, they may go mad without getting stuck in the traffic. Anyhow, if we have to travel in the city then we have to bear the traffic. Sometimes, the frustration level crosses its limits and all the anger turns to Sarcasm. We start trolling our own situation and laugh on that, right? Here are some hilarious tweets about Bengaluru traffic which will make you feel that you are not the only who is suffering.


Ours since 2014

We think it is Increased Traffic. Confirm!

Mother of all Boards – Silk Board

Touch and Go

Bengaluru Traffic is Like Karma. You can’t escape!


Tunes of Bengaluru Traffic

Please, let me Go!



Google Map is a Joke.

Never, Ever!


True AF

This is One Hundred Percent True

Welcome to Chennai

I’m close to my Enlightenment

Please Note This.

I don’t Move and Don’t Let Others to Move


Got it?

Jai Bengaluru Traffic!


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