Bengaluru Traffic Police Has Now Invited Citizens To Volunteer Them As Traffic Wardens

source: thenewsminute

Bengaluru police have requested people to help them to improve efficiency on city roads. Bengaluru Police Commissioner has requested citizens to contact their nearest traffic police stations to apply to be a warden.

Bengaluru police have a request to its citizens

The city Commissioner Bhaskar Rao recently advertised on Twitter that the department was planning to increase the number of volunteer ‘traffic wardens’ from 390 to 2500. Traffic wardens are volunteers from different backgrounds who support the police in traffic control. This decision came in after there was huge traffic chaos and the number of vehicles saw tremendous growth in the city.


According to a 2019 research, the total number of vehicles registered in Bengaluru city was over 82 lakhs which is a bizarre event. On the other side, the number of traffic police deployed stood at only 4718, which was a concern. By joining the Bengaluru City Police Traffic Warden Organisation (BCP TWO), citizens can help the traffic police in managing vehicle traffic. Altogether the department is hoping to boost existing numbers to bring help the short-staffed assistance.

source: bengaluru.citizenmatters

Traffic wardens need to be on duty only 16 hours a month but can do more if they fancy to. In addition to managing routine traffic, they also can take part in special duties like:

  • Teaching road users, college students and school children about road safety.
  • Regular traffic duty of 4-5 hours per week as per convenience.
  • Special duties during VIP visits, assembly and general elections, bandhs, festivals, cricket matches, etc.
  • Participating in monthly parades.

Things to know before registering

  1. If you are a doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher, government employee, businessman, industrialist, homemaker, or simply someone with a desire to help, this is for you.
  2. Wardens can do their duty 4 hours a week or more. In a month, a minimum of 16 hours of duty in uniform is expected from them
  3. They can work with the traffic police either in the day or at night
  4. As the wardens are offering voluntary service, they don’t have lawful powers and are not rewarded.
  5. Parades for traffic wardens are conducted on the third Saturday of every month, between 8:15 am and 10 am at CAR Grounds near Sirsi Circle, Mysore Road. Attendance is compulsory.
  6. The citizen should have Completed 12-grade education from HSLC or similar boards
  7. Applicant should be aged between 18 and 55 years

Applicants can visit the nearest Traffic Police Station and fill it. For more information, check this.