Report says that Bengaluru Traffic is now the Slowest in India


Bengaluru traffic can be considered as one of the disturbing factors of the city as vehicles move here at a lamentable speed of 17.2 km per hour. According to the data pulled by Cab aggregators and other reliable sources, city’s nightmare traffic is now officially the slowest one in the country and has pipped Chennai in the race.

On an average, Bengaluru’s average traffic speed has dropped by 3.2 km per hour in 2017 to 17.2 km per hour and this drop is now the highest in the country. It had an average speed of 20.4 km per hour in 2016, second in the country has now pushed Chennai to the second position. Chennai has seen a decline of 0.7 km per hour (3.6%) in its average speed of 18.9 km per hour.

Around 60% of Roads in Bengaluru are Narrow

Analysing the report, experts credit this slowdown to a disproportionate increase of roads and says that 60% of roads in the city are narrow, and around 4,000 new vehicles register every day. Adding on, frequent junctions (49,000 junctions) also contribute to the slowdown in traffic. M.N Sreehari, an urban transport expert, said- On the Outer Ring Road, the average speed is about 4.4 km per hour.

Bengaluru Traffic

Police declined to Comment on the Report

R Hitendra, Additional Commissioner of Police (traffic) declines to comment on the report and said, “ We have not seen the study and so it becomes unfair to comment and pass our judgements on it.”

Cab Drivers blame Ola and Uber for the Mess

Tanveer Pasha, president, Ola and Uber Driver’s and Owner’s Association said, “ These firms are pushing unnecessary offers to drive more drivers than the demand in the city.” On an average, it is said that Bengaluru’s roads can bear a load of close to 15 vehicles per day while transport department says that there are 72 lakh vehicles registered with 1,51,9111 taxis in the city.

Traffic Speed in other Metros

Delhi – 25 km per hour

Mumbai – 20.7 km per hour

Nationally, there has been a decline of 2.9 km per hour in average speed.

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