Bengaluru to get its First Double-Decker Flyover ; From Hebbal to Central Silk Board Junction

Bengaluru is going to have the very first ‘Double-Decker Flyover’ soon. Yes, on Sunday, the Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL) has taken up the initiative of the double-decker flyover under the elevated corridor project. Bengaluru will witness its first ever double-decker flyover at the north-south corridor points from Hebbal to Central Silk Board Junction.

A KRDCL official made a declaration saying one of the sections of the north-south corridor between JC Nagar and Shantinagar bus station would have a two-tier (double-decker) elevated corridor.

It is a 9-km stretch flyover

The 9-km Stretch Flyover Specifications of the double-decker flyover is already addressed by the team. The 9-km stretch flyover would pass through crowded areas like Queens Road, Minsk Square, Kasturba Road, Vittal Mallya Road, Richmond Circle, and KH Road. Since there is limited road space in these areas, they would be planning a double-decker corridor which would pass close to MG road as well.

To talk about the history of two-tiered flyovers of the country; India’s first double-decker flyover was inaugurated in Mumbai in 2014. The 6.5-km corridor is part of the Santacruz-Chembur Link road and was built under the supervision of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority(MMRDA). With not just this, there’s one more news.

Representative image

Elevated road-cum-rail flyover extending from Silk Board Junction to Ragi Gudda

In Bengaluru, another double-decker flyover infrastructure is actually in the making. Now, this is something that is going to get all of us on our toes. Yes, there has been a venture that is recently planned by The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) to bring this into action. BMRCL by demolishing the Jayadeva flyover (unfortunate) plans to build an elevated road-cum-rail flyover extending from Silk Board Junction to Ragi Gudda.

Metro officials have stated that Jayadeva Junction is being remodeled to accommodate six levels of different infrastructure, including an additional elevated road, interchange Metro station of a reach-5 line (RV Road to Bommasandra) and reach-6 line.

double-decker flyover

The flyovers are certainly a blessing because they not only save space but also allow more people to use the stretch at one go with controlled traffic flows. If there are x number of people currently traveling, with the construction of flyover’s, double the current count will be able to travel on it every day. Just thinking of this would definitely start reducing the hassles and havoc’s of Bengaluru’s traffic gradually. (Perspectives may differ)

The stretch where the double deckers are planned to be set up in Bengaluru today sees heavy traffic with numerous people crossing over every day. The flyovers would simply make these stretches signal-free which is such a boon, thinking of today’s scenario with the countless number of signals we come across at Bengaluru.

Impact on Travel time

The upcoming double-decker would certainly pay huge impacts on the travel time. This is an especially great favor to the working community by nearly reducing more than half to a quarter time of the traveling distance. Say for example a half hour to 40 minutes travel duration to cross the stretch would be covered in less than 10 minutes. Such a blessing indeed!.

We already have the general public reacting on this project, people seem to be extremely glad over the initiatives were taken up, especially the travelers and the localities of the area, in and around are eagerly looking forward to such convenience and expressing a great sense of joy and credits to the government.

So its all up to its governance on finishing the designed projects within deadlines and not disappointing the expectations of the public, but however the public will have to bear the minimum inconvenience caused during the construction and will have to put up with small disrupts here and there. If all goes well, Bengaluru will soon get its first double-decker flyover for sure and also looks like all of us would be the proud Bangaloreans to have two such kinds!. Let’s hope for the best!.

So, what do you think about this? Do share your opinion and thoughts in the comments below.

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