Bengaluru: This Couple Meet, Date, Marry Yet Flyover Remains Under Construction

While stories about Bengaluru’s jam-packed and potholed roads leave people annoyed at the exhausting traffic jams, but there are also times when something good might come up to a person.

Construction in Indian cities

Infrastructure projects getting delayed in India is something rather common, though things have changed a little over the years yet still there are many cases in which we have seen that the project remains unfinished even after the deadline and the budget gets revised twice or thrice.


Be it flyovers, metro, or any other heavy construction in Indian cities, the build time is pretty unforeseen. Chances are you might end up meeting the love of your life.

Well, this is exactly what happened with this guy from Bengaluru. Sharing his ‘peak Bengaluru’ moment, the man took to Reddit and shared how he and his now wife once got stuck (before their wedding) because of the Ejipura flyover work.

Ejipura Flyover

Ejipura Flyover which connects the 2.5 km stretch from Sony World Junction to Kendriya Sadan started in 2017 with a deadline of 30 months but it is under construction to date. The project got suspended for more than two years after the contractor got bankrupt and the authorities were not able to sort out the legal issues for a long time. Now the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has floated a fresh tender for completing the project and hopefully it will be completed soon.


The under-construction Ejipura Flyover is now all over the Internet as a Reddit user shared his story of how he met his wife because of this construction. He said that he met his wife near Sony World Signal whom he knew as a friend only at that time and he was just dropping her home but they both got stuck in traffic. He added that as they were hungry, they diverted and had dinner together nearby.

He further revealed that they dated for three years and for two years now, they are married but this 2.5 km flyover is still not completed. A Twitter user shared the post from Reddit on the micro-blogging site.

Twitter Reactions

The tweet has got over 4.4k likes so far with people reflecting on their own traffic experiences in the Silicon Valley of India.


One user wrote, “I completed my first ever internship in Bangalore, did the remaining 2 years of undergrad, worked for 2 years at a firm whose office was nearby Sony Signal, left the company and Bangalore and worked for 2 more years but that damned flyover is still under construction.”

Another one wrote, “If it had been Silk Board, you’d have dated, fallen in love, and got married and still be stuck at the same place,” another joked.

“Bangalore traffic is a blessing, you just don’t realize it,” a third one writes.