Bengaluru Soon To Get Mini Transfer Stations To Tackle Major Roadside Garbage Dumps

Mini transfer station

Bengaluru is a city overflowing with garbage, while the infrastructure and waste collection services are unable to keep up. However, when garbage is being transferred from mini-tippers to compactors, some of it gets left on the road. The places soon become a garbage dump. Because of this, the Mini transfer station will soon be set up in an issue of unapproved garbage transfer points becoming dumping spots.

BBMP officials on Mini Transfer Stations

“At times compactor has to make a second trip if it is full, leaving the trash collected on the road. However, the mini transfer stations will involve two portable compactors inside a shed that will crush the waste. In which the liquid waste will also get removed through an outlet. The existing compactors can handle only six-seven tonnes of the waste but the portable ones can handle almost twice the amount.” Sarfaraz Khan, Joint Commissioner, Solid Waste Management Department, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), said.

Mini transfer station

Officials said that they will station 100 portable compactors in 50 locations, of which 30 was fixed so far. 28 tonnes can be collected in one shed to ensure no black spots are created. One who has missed the garbage collection in the morning can also come and drop off the waste at the shed. However, 10 locations are set to begin simultaneously in the next three months, and would gradually increase it to 30.

The projects are allocated for Rs 240 crore in which 75 crore is the capital cost. While the rest is meant for operation and maintenance. However, the location was selected in coordination with ward corporators and officials of the state pollution control board.

Source: TheNewIndianExpress




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