Bengaluru: Segregate Waste Or Get Penalised For Rs 500 Or More From New Year – BBMP

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Segregate the waste or will be slapped with hefty penalties. Starting from January 1, citizens will be fined Rs 500 if they fail to segregate the waste at source. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike has also decided not to lift waste from doorsteps in Bengaluru.

Pay fines for not segregating the waste 

The civic body has been spreading awareness about waste segregation but had failed miserably to get the job done. In the previous year, the BBMP came up with this idea of imposing a penalty of Rs 500 for not segregating waste for the first time and Rs 1,000 for every subsequent time. But the civic body failed to implement the penalizing exercise.


According to a report, only 20 out of every 100 households in the city have segregated the waste at source, while the rest continue to hand over mixed waste which was landing either in blackspots across the city or landfills.

BBMP waste collection

Will stop collecting waste if rules not followed 

In a fresh attempt, the BBMP has decided to follow the penalty rules strictly and will impose a penalty of Rs 500 for the first time and Rs 1,000 for every subsequent time. However, if a citizen repats the same error, then the authorities will stop collecting waste from their homes.

BBMP special commissioner D Randeep said, “A first-time defaulter would be penalized Rs 500 and then Rs 1000. If they continue to do so, then we will stop collecting waste from their homes.”


BBMP waste collection

“Unless ground officials educate, insist and penalize those not falling in line, citizens will not take waste segregation seriously. Therefore, we have informed all waste collectors, joint health inspectors and marshals to penalize anyone who is not segregation the waste at source,” BBMP officials told.

“Waste segregation plays a major role in keeping the city clean and meeting the objective of Swachh Bharath,” BBMP officials told.

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Individual household is the biggest defaulters when it comes to waste segregation in the city. Fining the citizens will definitely ensure everyone’s segregation waste but it will also force them to dump waste on isolated areas in the city, avoiding the penalties.