Bengaluru Seal Down Update: Only Two Wards In The City Sealed Down; Not The Entire City

Contrary to several reports on TV News channels, the entire Bengaluru city is not being sealed down. Only two wards in the city, both identified as hotspots and containment clusters, have been identified as the containment zones.

Only two wards sealed-down

Wards 134 (Bapuji Nagar, Bengaluru South) and 135 (Padarayanapura, Bengaluru West) are the locales in the highlight, as both these wards have been sealed down by the State Government. If more than 6 cases appear in a single locality, it is considered as a hotspot.


Vehicular movement has been completely banned in these two wards. In the containment zone, all the people are surveilled daily apart from emergency medical staff being deployed in and around these wards. Ambulances are always parked here and also, temporary medical camps are set up in these areas.

source: thequint

Rumors floating that entire city would be sealed down

There were several rumors of the entire city going for a seal down yesterday. However, both the BCP Commissioner and BBMP Commissioner have denied the rumors.

Mr. Bhaskar Rao, BCP Commissioner said:


Rumors and fake news are floating around of a Seal down in Bangalore City and creating panic. Dearest Citizens, there is nothing like that as of now. Please stay calm.

BBMP Commissioner BH Anil Kumar added:

No way, please inform everybody that this is not so. This is fake news and speculation by TV channels. Two wards recently reported three cases. This is why these two wards have been sealed off, for the containment of cases. Arrangements will be made to supply essential commodities for the people living there.


With their timely tweets, the top brass of Bengaluru has brought the panic down in the city.