Bengaluru Recorded Highest Cyber Attack Attempts In 2018, Says Quick Heal


Bengaluru recorded the highest attempts of cyber attacks in 2018 according to a study conducted by the computer security firm, Quick Heal Technologies. One of the main reasons for such high attempts is because the IT hub of India houses some of the topmost IT as well as corporate companies. According to the co-founder of Quick Heal, Sanjay Katkar, this fact has increased the attraction of cybercriminals to Bengaluru companies.

India Faced 2.67 Million Cyber Attacks Every Day

Apart from Bengaluru other metropolitan cities of the country including Mumbai, Kolkata, and the National Capital Region also were the major target of the cybercriminals. The study identified around 973 million malware attacks on Windows platforms last year which means around 2.67 million cyber attacks took place every day. The number is certainly very alarming.

Cities in India that continue to be on the high-risk list for cyber attack include Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, and Pune. The main target of the cybercriminals were the Window devices. The Quick Heal study says that Window devices were targeted much more than Android devices or any other ecosystem at the rate of 1,985 attempts per minute.  

Ransomware Is Most Common Form Of Cyber Attack

The main target of cybercriminals are the vulnerabilities on the IT systems, offline or online. These criminals either install a Trojan virus or try to unlawfully download data. Many times vulnerabilities continue to hide in the older versions of websites and apps that are not deleted completely.

Sometimes the vulnerabilities are also due to the nodes that connect to devices such as cloud, server, computer, or connected devices similar to a smartwatch.

When these nodes are left exposed, it leaves a lee-way for the cybercriminals to attack. Windows devices are more prone to such attacks through Ransomware. Most of the cyber attacks carried out by the cybercriminals help them gain access to the computer of the victim. After that, the criminals lock out the victim and demand ransom amount for restoring access.  

For attacking Android devices, the cybercriminals take the PUA route (potentially unwanted application). In this cyber attack, the criminals slip problematic software on the phone with applications or freeware through untrusted sources. Through PUA, the criminals get access to the data or information on the user’s device.

These cyber attacks have also increased as the criminals are interested in using the user’s device or computer for cryptomining.    

To defend yourself, have a specific computer security application on or antivirus that defends you from this and other kinds of digital threats. Defining cyber security has been a challenge for the industry. Industrial cybersecurity is about the coming together of the safety principles from the OT environment and the security ideals from the IT environment. A lack of clarity in this aspect has made it tough for the end user to understand and identify security as a critical issue that needs systematic investment.



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