Bengaluru Rain: Yelahanka Received The Highest Rainfall at 74 mm While Few Places Reported Hailstorms


The rains and thunderstorms that hit the city yesterday have led to a drop in Bengaluru’s temperature. With the weatherman still amazed about this climate change that came unpredicted, in a matter of just a few minutes, the city was all drenched in water after rains lashed Bengaluru on the afternoon of 14th May.

Incidences Of Tree Falling & Hailstorms Reported  

The Bengaluru Urban received 0 to 27 mm rainfall. Yelahanka received the highest rainfall at 74mm, Radhakrishna Temple Ward received 66 mm rainfall whereas both Gatiganahalli and Vaderahalli received 50 mm rainfall. Reports of trees falling came from five places whereas places like Vldyaranyapura reported hailstorms.

However, the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Center (KSNDMC) meteorologist, Sunil Gavaskar said that the rainfall is good news for Bangaloreans as it will reduce the temperature.

According to him, “The temperature is expected to come down by 2-3°, coming up to nearly 32° from Thursday. Though the drop in temperature is not widespread, it can nevertheless be felt. This is happening because of the wetness in the soil as well as moisture in the atmosphere.”

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Even then the summertime is yet to end. Gavaskar added, “Since it’s still the month of May, the peak summer month, we can say that. Regardless of the changes in the temperature, summer will end by May and monsoon will start by June, as the thunderstorms aren’t considerable factors here. Majority of the state will have a high temperature, only a few districts of South Interior Karnataka and Bengaluru will have a lower temperature.”

Intensity Of Thunderstorms To Reduce

The weather forecast says that the thunderstorms will continue for a couple of days, however, its intensity will be comparatively low. Gavaskar said, “Thunderstorm is predicted for only a day or two as is a sudden activity. We use Nowcasting that helps to cast the prediction of thunderstorms which lasts only for a few hours.”

The change in weather is a part of the pre-monsoon season changes that occur between March to May. The days will continue to be hot albeit not as sunny. The late evenings will witness showers, thunderstorm, and sometimes gusty winds. The heat of the land is causing the formation of clouds leading to thunderstorms.

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Apart from Bangalore, certain districts of South interior Karnataka will also experience thunderstorms and rains. Gavaskar added, “Citizens can use Sidilu app to check for lighting, thunderstorms, and rains in the state. It can help them plan. The updates are available 30-40 minutes beforehand.”.




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